Truth or dare.

Liam, Lou, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Sophia, Eleanor, Perrie and Sky decides to play truth or dare. What happens?


5. Are you cheating?

'Perrie span the bottle and it landen on me. I swallowed and looked att the bottles cap who was pointed at me.

''Truth or dare Emma?'' I heard Perrie say with a smirk as if she had a great idea of what she was gonna pick. 

''Truth'' I said and saw Perries face go from a smirk to the most disappointed look i had ever seen. 
''Com'n Emma. Dare.'' She smiled and i slightly shook my head. She sighed. 
''Have u ever had sex?'' I looked at Sophia who seemed to really wanna know. ''No..'' 
I could hear Sophia was gonna break down in laughter. Niall fastly saved me and said quickly.
''I am to'' Niall whispered.
Sophia broke down in laughter and looked at me and Niall.
''OMG! U two should have sex and stop being such pussys!'' She laughed. 
Liam pushed her a little and looked at her with a serious face that said stop! 
I looked at Niall and saw that he was kinda hurt cuz of what Sophia had said. I took Nialls hand and looked at him. 
''Dont listen her, okey?'' I said and then span the bottle which landed on Sophia. I looked at her. I wanted to give back for what she had done to Niall. 
''Truth or dare?'' Sophia.
''Truth'' She answered with a smirk face, she new i had a plan. 
''Have you ever cheated?'' I asked. 
Sophia got on her poker face and shock her head slightly. ''No..''
Liam could see on her that she was lying. ''Are u kidding me?! Have you cheated on me?!''
I could see how Liam teared up and saw that he was getting all broken. 
She shock her head. ''NO! I said!'' She answered and looked at him. Her voice wasn't the same and you could just
see how she was trying to keep the secret she had been walking around with for months. 
Liam looked at her. ''Get out! I never wanna see you again! Just leave!''
Sophia slightly got up and sighed. She walked out of the house like nothing was wrong. Liam swallowed and looked at the other ones.
''Im sorry for asking that Liam, are you okay?'' I looked at him and put my hand on his lap. 
He nodded a little and looked at me. ''Its okay, it wasn't your fault..'' He slightly smiled show me that it really was okay. 
​''Do u wanna take over Sophia? I mean, it was hers turn..'' I said and put my hand back on my lap.
I then looked over at Niall. ''And are you okay..? Maybe we should just stop?'' 
''No..'' Both Niall and Liam said.  
''Really, its okay..'' Niall said and smiled.
''We are okay'' Liam filled in as i nodded and looked at Eleanor. 
''I wanna start'' She said and span he bottle, it landed on Harry. She smiled wide. 
''Truth or...'' Eleanor didn't get to finish.
''Dare'' Harry said super fast and smiled. 
''Kiss Lou.'' She said. It was like she had been waiting for forever to say it.
Harry looked at Lou and smiled. They had just came out with Lou being gay and Harry being bisexual. And they were a couple. 
Harry crawled over to Lou and kissed him softly. I loved seeing them kiss and kinda fangirled a little. 
''You guys are so cute'' I smiled as Harry pulled away and sat down on the same place he was sitting on before. 
He span the bottle. It landed on Niall. 
Harry smirked. ''You take dare, and since Emma is the only one who's singel girl here, it means you have to then you have to kiss her..''
Niall looked at me as if he wanted to ask for permission. 
I looked at Niall. ''Do i even have any choice?'' I giggled a little with my heart beating a little faster to the fact that a guy, Niall, was actually gonna kiss me. 

Eleanor ended up going to Max since it was Saturday night. Lou and Harry ended up going to their room and the same with Perrie and Zayn. Me, Niall and Liam were still sitting on the floor doing nothing. ''I should probably get going.'' I said and looked at them. They slightly nodded and before i got up, Niall put a note in my pocket, i noticed it but acted as if nothing happened so that Liam wouldn't be all up in Nialls face all night asking what the note said. 
''I guess i'll see you.'' I walked to the hall and put my clothes on. 

I got home and took off all my clothes and put some loose pants on and a guy shirt I still had from my ex. I knew it was wrong to keep it, but it was comfy and i really liked it. I took the note out, it looked like a number. I smiled and sat down on the couch. I texted the number. 
//Hi c:// i texted as a test. 3 minutes later my phone vibrated. 
//Hi:)// It was the first time i smiled after getting a text from someone.

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