It all started in GLEE CLUB

"Hi I'm Louis" I said sticking my hand out to the bubbly girl version of me. "Cue!" She exclaimed shaking my hand like a 4year old. We beamed at each other.
Louis' grades are at stake so he has to join, golf, stamp club, or GLEE CLUB! What happens when Louis meets Cue in GLEE CLUB? Found out in... It all started in GLEE CLUB!!!


3. ||Three||

Louis' POV.


I walked into Spanish.

15mins late. Ugh!

"Louis, late again?" Mrs.Red asked.

"Yeah I'm sorry" I said.

"Well next time when your late you get detetion" Mrs.Red said. Haha that rhymes.

"Go sit next to Kathy" she pointed to the red headed girl that was dating my best friend Niall so I knew her. She had red hair and gray eyes.

I sat down said hi to Kathy. And dint listen for the rest of Spanish.


Cue's POV.


I listened to the boringness of Spanish till it was over.

"Ok class you may go!" Mrs.Red said.

I went with Soloan away front the Spanish words!!! YAY!!!

Louis' POV.


"Louis come here please!" I heard Mrs.Red say as I was talking to Kathy on my way out.

"Yes?" I walked up to her desk.

"You're failing all your classes" she said bluntly.

I gasped. "What?! How??" I exclaimed.

"You don't listen. Your late you get detetion. And you always get bad grades on your test!" She exclaimed.

"You need to go to the principals office tomorrow at 2:30!" She paused "here's you're slip" she handed me a slip.

"Thank you. Bye" I said sadly and walked out the door my head hung low.

(A/N:Hola!!! Did you guys like this?! Hope chu did. In the next chapter Louis will be joining GLEE CLUB!! And just so you know there won't be any bulling like in the T.V. Show!! Love you my Tacos$)

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