Hey Mr.Tommo? Grow up!!

"Hey Mr.Tommo?" I spoke as he walked away laughing "yeah?" He spun to face me " Grow up!!" I spat and walked away leaving a shocked Louis. Well good he shattered me.
Ally, normal girl. But then One Direction has ended and they all decide to go to high school! That just happened to be Ally's. Louis and Ally instantly like each other but Louis starts pull so many pranks on her. She thinks he doesn't like her and shatters her. This is a 2books series!


4. 4

Louis' POV.

I already have one prank worked out for her when she comes to school. I know what seat she always sits at in lunch so macaroni time!!!


School lunch time!

Ally was walking to her seat as I was walking towards her.

"Hey Ally" I said just a little to obvious.

"Hey?" She gave me a weird face and sat down.

BAM! Macaroni fell on her head and everyone laughed except, Zayn, Harry, Liam, and Niall and 5SOS.

I laughed........……

"LOUIS!!!" Ally screamed and turned to me.

"Yessss?" I asked sheepishly.

"You fucking bastard." She said and grabbed her school bag and walked away.

"Niall, I heard you and Ally broke it off. Last night?" Calum said glaring at me.

I froze. "Shit," I muttered.

"What Louis dint quite hear you?" Calum snickered at me.

"Nothing" I said then left.

Oh well. The pranks aren't over.


I was walking home with Harry.

"That wasn't cool" he muttered.

"Haz, you know me and how I express my feelings." I explained.

"Yeah well Ally is different," he said looking down at me.

"Really how?" I asked.

"She doesn't get why your pulling pranks. She doesn't read every fact about you, or us!" He said making me realize, she really doesn't know why.

I shook off the guilty ness. "Oh well," I said.

"There's gonna be more pranks." I whispered and ran back home.

(A-Hope you peeps like so far.)

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