Hey Mr.Tommo? Grow up!!

"Hey Mr.Tommo?" I spoke as he walked away laughing "yeah?" He spun to face me " Grow up!!" I spat and walked away leaving a shocked Louis. Well good he shattered me.
Ally, normal girl. But then One Direction has ended and they all decide to go to high school! That just happened to be Ally's. Louis and Ally instantly like each other but Louis starts pull so many pranks on her. She thinks he doesn't like her and shatters her. This is a 2books series!


3. 3

Louis' POV.

Ohhhhh, Niall Horan you just made a huge mistake.

I guess Ally really dint like me? I know! I'll pull pranks. It's my way of telling girls I like them. Weird I know don't judge!

I rubbed my hands together mischievously and Niall asked,

"Louis what'yu thinking??" Cautious much?

"Nothing, nothing...." I laughed a little. "BUT! NIALL HORAN! YOU WILL PAYYYY!" I screamed "so will you Ally Jones" I said softly and walked out of the canteen.

Niall's POV.

Oh no, he's gonna pull pranks on Ally. I just know it.

I don't think me and Ally will last long....... So, I will tell her tonight. But nicely, I've known Louis longer than her.


I walked into StarBucks to see Ally in the line. Beautiful long brown hair and fluttering her long eyelashes over her big icy blue eyes.

"Geez this is gonna be hard" I mumbled.

I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She did a little jump.

Ally's POV.

Someone wrapped there arms around my waist and I jumped only to realize it was Niall.

"Hi love" his Irish accent whispered in my ear and he kisses my cheek.

"Hi Niall" I giggled and got out of his grip and went to sit, he say across from me.

"Ally Jones and Niall Horan" when the speaker said Niall's name you could hear little screams.

I went to get both of ours and brought them back.

"Here you go," I said and then it fell into an awkward silence.

Niall cleared his throat, "soooo," he said awkwardly.

"This is awkward" I said.

"Yeah I actually wanted to talk," he said nervously. "Maybe we shouldn't go out?" He said slowly.

I dint feel hurt I felt relieved this is wayyyy to frickin awkward.

"I agree, this is wayyyy to fuckin awkward" I giggled.

We both stood up.

"Best friends?" He asked and extended his arms out.

"Forever" I giggled and hugged him.

"Let's go," he said and dragged me out and then let go.


"So bye," I waved and gave him a hug and walked in my house.

"Hi Chesire," I said to my cat. I love Alice in wonderland sooo.

"Bye Chesire" I giggled and pet him and walked up to my room for a shower.

I got done and I put on pj's and fell asleep.


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