Hey Mr.Tommo? Grow up!!

"Hey Mr.Tommo?" I spoke as he walked away laughing "yeah?" He spun to face me " Grow up!!" I spat and walked away leaving a shocked Louis. Well good he shattered me.
Ally, normal girl. But then One Direction has ended and they all decide to go to high school! That just happened to be Ally's. Louis and Ally instantly like each other but Louis starts pull so many pranks on her. She thinks he doesn't like her and shatters her. This is a 2books series!


1. 1

Chapter 1: Oh geese!

Ally POV.


I heard One Direction was coming to my high school! Oh nooo! I think One Direction is self-centered brats.

They'll ruin my senior year! I just hope they won't notice me.

I'm Ally jones I have brown hair blue eyes and I hate One Direction.


"Class this is One Direction" Mrs.Rae said "no dip" I mumbled "well they are not a band anymore they ended they're band and all decided to come here for they're senior year." She continued. I saw some of the populars giggling.

"Kill me" I said "excuse me?" Mrs.Rae asked me "I said Kill me!" I said louder this time. No I'm not a bad girl I just speak to the teachers.

"I'm afraid we can't do that love" I heard a British accent.

It was that Louis Tomlinson dude. He was actually kinda cute. He was the only one I thought was even actually cute.

"Whatever. Hey aren't you Chewy Lamason?" I asked pointing at him. Everyone laughed and Louis and the teacher glared.

I think I like Louis Tomlinson but just a little.

Louis' POV.


She was beautiful and I think I kinda like her. But I just met her I don't know her name and she seems to hate One Direction.

"Actually it's Louis Tomlinson. What's your name love?" I asked. "I'm Ally Jones. But why do you need to know?" She asked sassily while putting her hand on her hip. Wow ok. She's as sassy as me.

Yep I like her.

(A/N: should I continue? I will!! Love you my Tacos$)

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