STARS *Catching Paper*

In the future city of Circino, there are no stars, no specks of light in the full place. Publics and Peasants are forced into work as the Privates live their lives of luxury. They say no one can escape, no one can see the stars. No one can see the stars.

Aro wants to prove them wrong. Aro wants to escape. And together with a Private, Alene, and a Peasant, Jarmina, he sets out to do just that.

But at what cost does the real truth come?

Cover Artist: Crown of Shadownight



There was a girl, lying, staring up longingly at the stars. Gunfire echoed not far enough away to be safe, but she did not care. She relished the sound, the sound of familiarity, much like she relished the sight of the sparkling silver specks in the sky. This would be the last of this sight she would see, the last of the sound she would hear. She knew that she would be taken soon, taken to a land surrounded by a non-penetratble barrier.

The men of the Scarlett Valley would be good, kind, as would the other women. They would protect her, and her dear ones, from the raging war threatening to kill them all. 

But still the woman worried of the skies with no stars, and the church bells tolled sadly in harmony with her thoughts. They struck once, twice, thrice. And again they repeated the same pattern as they signalled midnight, the end of an era, the end of a day.

And the beginning of the new.


My forehead is beaded in sweat. I  have got to stop having that dream.

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