I will always love you-2nd book in 'I'm in love with a viner series'

2nd book! Anyway Helena is recovering from the car accident and a lot happens to her. And Hayes has a few more problems he has to take care of "what ever you say or do I will always love you"


1. What?

Helena POV
"Babe finally I'm home" I kiss Hayes cheek "I love you" I say "love you too" he pecked my lips "oh crap gotta call Nordstrom" I call nordstrom 
H-Helena O-operator 
H-hey you called sorry I was in the hospital 
O- yes we want to call you because of that
O-we have to let you go your contract has been cancelled 
H-I understand have a good day
I hung up and burst into tears "babe it's ok" Hayes said while hugging me "no it's not I...." I was cut off by the phone ringing Hayes got up "stop I got it" I got up and picked it up 
J-hello this is jane from Victoria secret we want to offer you a job... As a model
H-yes! I will take it I will be there tomorrow! Thank you jane 
J-ok thank you have a great day
I sqealed "yes yes yes yes!" "What" I whipped my tears "I'm offically a Victoria secret model" he smiled and kissed me and span me in circles. "Yes babe i knew you were going to make it" "wait what" I say he put me down "when you had your crash I called Victoria secret they started to freak they said they wanted you so bad and they paid nordstrom so they could let you go" he said looking down I hug him "thank you" he smiled and kissed the top of my head. "Your the best fiancé a girl could ever had" I say. "Thanks babe your the hottest and most beautiful and most sexy and most awesome girl in the world" I start to blush at his comment I cover my cheeks "stop.." He pulls my hands away "it's cute when you blush" that caused me to blush even more. "God your so sweet" I say and I pull him into a kiss. "Babe I got to go get my stuff out for tomorrow" I say excitedly I pull out boyfriend jeans and a patterned crop top. I noticed Hayes sitting on the couch looking like something was bothering him "what's wrong Hayesy" I said walking over there in my shorts shorts and a large sweater that made it look like I was wearing no pants "I was just thinking about all the attention your going to get while you have your underwear on" he said sheepishly "aweee it's ok your the only one I love so ya" I say kissing his cheek "we should have pizza before you have to eat healthy" he said "this is why I love you".

"Babe I got to go I have to be there in 30 min" I scream and I kiss Hayes on the cheek "seriously that's all I get"he said smiling I then French kiss him and I hug him and wave. When I arrived at the Victoria secret modeling place I park my range rover and walk inside the sound on my heels hitting the floor. I had on white to blue ombré blouse, white capris, and blue heels. People stared at me from all around "I love your shirt" a man says "your shoes are to die for I need them"a woman said "I designed them" I blurt out "you have talent" another man with blue hair said "leave the poor girl alone" a lady in her mid 30s said she had on Michael kors everything "hi I'm jane" she sticks out her hand "I'm Helena" I firmly shake it  "oh honey you look amazing and honey I thought I said no makeup" "I'm not wearing any" "oh my god you are so naturally beautiful!" She squels "thanks" she pulls on my arm. "Let's go to the set so you can meet the other girls" I follow her and I see a pink room with about 5 other girls "there are more but you are all in one group so get to know each other" she said and pushed me over there. "Are you serious right now" I girl with blonde hair and blue eyes said "our partner is Helena holy crap I'm Amy" I shake her hand "hi amy and that's so sweet I'm flattered but I have to say your heels are to die for what are they" "Gucci I swear I had to give a limb for these" we giggle. "Hey Helena I'm Cat" the brunette said "and this is Bethany, Emily , and Sophie" she pointed to a brunette, blonde, and a brunette again. "Nice to meet y'all" "Texan I see what part of Texas" Bethany said "Dallas" (that's where my coz lives and the only part of Texas i visited except for Austin). "Nice that's where Amy's from" we gasp "that's so cool I think the only difference between us are our eyes" we laugh. "So are you all from America" "yep except for me I'm from Australia" Emily said "nice" I say but get cut off from a woman saying "lady's come over here and get your out fits help eachother if they need help please the dressing room is over there" she points and we grab the lingerie and walk over there. "Well we will have to share a room" Sophie said with a awkward smile "Come on we are all girls" I scream and run in the girls come in behind me "so are you doing the pool one?" Amy asked "yes mam" I say as I fix the straps on the bra "we have a photo shoot together!" We high five she then backed up and her face dropped "Helena what happend?? Are you ok? I swear if Hayes laid a hand on you I will cut..." "It's fine it wasn't him. We got in a car crash and I got bruised and Hayes would never do that" "oh ok sorry" she said embarrass "it's fine now let's go!" 


"Amy we need to hang sometime" I say "ya we do... I'm hungry" her stomach growls I laugh "here let's get your car to your place and let's take my car to my place so we eat!" I say "sounds complicatedly good!" After we drive to her rather big and amazing house we head toward my place. "Ugggg I swear if that's Claire" I say as I see a car in front of my house"who's Claire?"Amy asked "she's matts ex and is so annoying she cheated on him and now she won't leave me alone I'm about to get a restraining order" I joke she laughed "ya... Oh my god your house is beautiful!" "Thank you!" I park the car in the garage and got out. "Oh that's Matthews car! Thank god!" I say taking a closer look at the black car. I walk in with Amy at my side "I have that purse it's my favorite!" I say pointing to her Gucci bag "thanks! You know I..." We both turn to see Hayes and Matt "Matt!" I Hug him "how are you?" "I'm awesome! What about you" "I'm great oh and Matthew this is Amy! She's one of my fellow Victoria secret models/ angels" "so nice to meet you" he said smiling at her. "Amy Matt I'll be right back" I head toward the other room in which Hayes was. "Hayes I'm back" I say doing a weird dance "oh I missed you!" "I missed you more" I say and step closer to him "I love you" I say "I love you too" he replied before we started makeout. After we caught our breath I said "oh my friend Amy in here" I say while pulling him into the room "hey Amy this is Hayes Hayes this is Amy" Amy got off the couch Matt and her were talking on and shook his hand. "We are hungry so..." I say to Hayes "hon we have to eat healthy..." I say "screw that I want a stupid pizza" Amy said we all turn to her "I haven't had a pizza in ages please?" "Oh course Hayes order a flat pizza the normal" I say to him "don't you wanna go out" Matt asked Amy and I laugh "we have been at modeling all day and we have workout tom" Amy told him "on that note" I started taking my heels off "Amy come with me upstairs?" "Sure leggo girl" she smacked my butt as we went upstairs. I shut the door behind her and went toward my closet. "Holy shittttttt this is amazing" she said "thanks I design 50% of these things so I'm not a freak" I say "ha sure but anyway girl im borrowing some of your designs you can borrow my shoes wait what shoe size are you?" "9s" "me too! Girl you can borrow my shoes I borrow some of your beautiful designs deal?" "Deal" "ok why are we here" "I'm not wearing these tight clothes I don't know about you" I say smiling "oh my god why didn't we meet earlyer were have you been" she said. I took my clothes off and put on some reggae shorts and a tight black shirt. "What about me" she said "here" I tossed her plaid pink shorts and a black shirt "thanks" she started taking her clothes "hey Helena" Matt walked in and being a Amy Amy stood up and waved... She was in her under wear "sup Matt" "oh I'm so sorry" "it's fine,,, I'm a Victoria secret model" she giggled and continued dressing "anyway" he said blushing "foods here" "ok thanks hon" he left and we laughed "I feel bad I made it awkward" she said "it's fine anyway I think he likes you" "really? I mean he might be to good for me " I started laughing "your the most beautiful girl I've seen your to good for anyone I think he and you would be a great couple" "thanks I mean... I really like him" I then hear someone outside our door I tiptoe over and open the door "you little shit" I say to Matt he laughed and got up and went straight to Amy and hugged her she was surprised but hugged back "your beautiful" he said "thanks" she blushed "let's go eat... I'm about to eat the whole box if y'all don't hurry your weird asses up" I say they laugh and follow me but was cut short by me being thrown over Hayes shoulder "not again Amy help!" I yell Hayes was laughing "noooooooooo" Amy yells while running after me Matt then throws Amy over his shoulder "help!!!!!! Matt nooooo" she laughed "Hayes if you don't put me down now so I can eat no kisses for you" I say sternly "seriously" "I swear on Amy's boobs that I'm serious" he starts laughing and puts me down Amy was cracking up and Matt was dieing "now if you don't mind I'm gonna eat" I say while hooking arms with Amy and skip to the kitchen I grab a 2 pieces for the each of us and ask Amy "you drink?" she nods "I have this really good smoothie recipe" I made it quickly and poured her some "this is good this has rum?" I nod "this is amazing and it's good for you?" "Yep I used agave syrup so it'll be better for you too" I smile and stuff a piece of pizza in my mouth "take it slow or your gonna throw up tomorrow" she said "okay" I gulp

1 hour later:
"Amy is it ok Matt takes you home? He has to drive home and it's near yours so" "yes of course girl! Love you!" We do the French thing were they kiss eachothers cheeks and hug "see you!" I scream as she leaves. "Hayes" i say "yes princess" he said "can you carry me" "of course" he picked me up and carried me upstairs and too the bathroom "thanks hon" I brush my teeth and take my makeup off. "Okay now" I say "wait wha" I cut him off and kiss him passionately...It got heated. "Babe" he said "yes" "I don't know what I would do without you" "same here"

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