Hello and welcome to the world of being in one direction ,I'm Niall and I know every secret in the band ,especially Larry stylinson


1. how it started !

 In nandos as  everyone get ready for one direction come in for Harry's secret party on the 1st of February:

nandos manager : right every body take you place on a seat do what we told you to do hair team do your thing .

Paul : I will take it from here ,you and I will be here and you got to be more than this when on ,get it ha-ha !

other side of town

meanwhile one direction had a party and had to leave the house they were at.

Liam's p.o.v  

Harry! we know its your birthday but please put some trousers on and Louis please pull yourself together and stop giving Niall a headlock your girlfriend is going to be here soon and zayn stop being so vain ,please let hair team do your hair . Now breathe Liam ,live a little shouts Niall .to right agreed Louis as zayn walks up the stairs towards the hair department .

niall's p.o.v

this is how it all worked in the one direction  house ! till I realised that the hair team was at nandos what a mistake had happen so I had to run up the stairs to catch with zayn ."vas happin niall where is the hair team" "hush said niall there at hazza's secret party." what party !" keep your voice down you idiot !

Down stairs

Liam where are we going asked harry well If tell you will wait! what? cheeky boy harry you shouldn't Liam spanks harry ." sorry daddy ! laughs harry as he runs of with Louis then the house is quiet for once with slight whispering then as a flash the boys run out harry fully dressed and the boys dressed that was not what Liam was worrying about but was the boys with there super shockers water guns squirting him now he was drenched.

2mins later Liam was ready .we all piled into the car and drove to nandos this is when everyone thought Larry started because harry gave Louis a hug and a peck of the cheek but we all do that so it was not Larry.





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