Other Side To of Shades Of Colour

Hi guys I have been asked by my best-friend niallslittlegirl to write my characters side to the story so If You yes you like this side go check out niallslittlegirl's story so like or even better yet! Fan!


1. Proluge

Name? Midnight Solace

Favorite colors? Light blue and neon cyan

I was walking around with my best friend Ryan, just between me and you I'm the best DJ in Australia America and the UK. my family never knew ( and still don't )  only Ryan and my little sister Skylar know. Ryan one time said  that I had a  beautiful singing voice I  laughed at him and said " Tomboy's don't sing and that if I did have one I would know." but he keep saying it and finally just to prove him wrong I had signed up to the X-Factor never knowing that this would change my life. 

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