Other Side To of Shades Of Colour

Hi guys I have been asked by my best-friend niallslittlegirl to write my characters side to the story so If You yes you like this side go check out niallslittlegirl's story so like or even better yet! Fan!


2. Chapter 1 : Flights

Midnight shifted in her seat ' HURRY UP PILOT!!! She thought she had her blood pumping, she loved taking off and landing the speed and the screech of the tires on the the tarmac excited her.

" Midnight are Okay? " Midnight smiled at Ryan swinging her chocolate brown hair and col-bolt sparkling with excitement  

" I'm more than fine Ry! I cant believe I was picked as a DJ at Don Valley! its the greatest thing ever!" Midnight said smoothing down her army camo pants she bounced up and down the plane started rolling down the tarmac cause Midnight to zone out as Ryan feel asleep she felt free up here like no one could hurt anyone she sighed and started to hum herself to



It had been 4 weeks since she left her family and friends behind  and right now was the best   DJ that even the head teacher of Don-Clusters School of Dance asked her to make a remix for them

She slowly walked in with her blue beatz blasting her award winning remix of LMFAO's hit Sexy and I know it into her ears as she walked into the main part to see a woman standing there smiling at Midnight, Midnight , being polite took off her headphones the woman held her hand

" Ahh u must be Midnight follow me please" she got glares from girls and Whistles from guys this annoyed her but she cooled down as soon as her DJ instincts toke over " what type of music do you need? Miss?' she asked looking down at the dancers

"  can you make a remix of......"


A/N Hahahahaha got you there with the classical Cliffhanger!  remember like favorite and fan! Do the same to Niallslittlegirl the original writer of this story!


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