Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


14. WHAT?!

"YOUR GOING ON TOUR WITH US" Louis screamed.


"Yep" dad said.

"Thank you so much" i said hugging him.

"But where is Emily sleeping?" Luke said.

"In the new bus" dad said very nonchalontly.

"WAIT NEW BUS?" Louis screamed.

"Yes" dad replied.

"When can we see it?" Zayn asked.

"Right now!" He said.

"YAY" we all cheered.

We all ran out to the back to see the new bus except me. I was in Calums back becouse he forced me to. But oh well, i dont care becouse my legs dont work the way they used to before. 😂😂😂😂

"Everyone, go claim a bunk!" Dad said.

I got a bunk right under Luke's. Ashton's was across from Luke's and Calum's across to mine. We chose the bunks in the very back of the bus. Then Niall and Harry got a set. Across from them was Louis and Michael. Then Liam and Zayn were in the front.

"This tour is going to be great!" Liam said.

"The best part, is that we have an identical bus in America!" Dad said.

"Holy shit" Harry said.

"Dang" i mumbled.

We all got off the bus and went inside.

"I want to go swimming with Emily!" Louis said.

"Why? Just so you can see her in a bikkini?" Liam asked.

Calum and Lukes heads shot up.

"Im in" they said at the same time.

"Fine lets go swimming" i said.

We all ran to our rooms and got dressed.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my black and pink bikkini and threw it on. I was almost sure I shut the door but not 100%. But then...

"Hold up. Let me get some popcorn for the show" Harry said leaning against the doorway.

"SHOOT" i mumbled.


"Your fault for not shuting the door babe" he said.

I now realized all I had on was bottoms. No top. Luke walked bye and stopped infront of my door. But he wasnt looking at me. He was looking at Harry.

"Dude just leave her alone. Your obviosly making her uncompfortable." Luke said not even glancing at me.

"Mr. Protective" Harry mumbled.

Luke shut my door. I finished getting ready. I really need ti thank him.

I heard a knock on my door.

"You ready Sexy?" I heard Ashton say.

"Yeah babe" i said opening the door.

He kissed my forehead.

"Lets go then" he said grabbing my hand.

We walked down the steps and out to the pool.

"*cough* couple much? *cough*" Luke mumbled.

"NOPE BEST FRIENDS" Me and Ashton said at the same time.

We jumped in the pool. I noticed Luke and Calum looking abit lonely so I swam over to them.

"Hey Luke? Can I talk to you for a sec?" I asked.

"Sure" he perked up.

I pulled him to the side.

"Thank you" i said.

"For what" he asked.

"Upstairs? With Harry?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. Your welcome. I hate it when guys make girls feel uncompfortable. If the guy really cares about the girl, he would want her to be happy and not upset at something he did to her. That really bothers me" he said.

"I couldnt agree mor-" i gasped at a pair of arms wrapped around my legs.

Calums head popped up.

"If you two love birds are done, i want to talk to Luke" Calum said.

"Calum, you scared the crap out of me. And yeah where done talking" i swam away.

Luke looked abit sad. Calum looked worried.

Calum's P.O.V

"Luke, I dont know how to say this. I saw Ashton do something he hasnt done in a while." I said.

"Dont tell me" Luke said.

"I saw him cutting again. He was in the bathroom and he didnt lock the door so I walked in to him with a blade to his wrist. I dont know what were gonna do. Should we tell Simon? Or Emily?" I asked.

"We dont need to tell either one. As long as it stays in OUR band. Say nothing to the One Direction boys. Or Emily. She will loose it. I think we should inform Michael. Me, you, and him should sit down with Ashton and talk about this. We cant go through what happened last year" Luke said.

We need to talk to Ashton before this gets crazy again.

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