Adopted? By who you may ask. Simon Cowell. Trust me, I had NO idea what I was getting into.


4. The "Date"

"So, can you act like my girlfriend" he asked.

"Why" i asked.

"My ex-girlfriend, Josie" he said.


"You cant treat a girl right. You cant even stay out of bars long enough to sleep. And you cut. You fucking cut your damn body. You think your worthless? You do this to yourself. I hate you. Stay out of my life forever. FUCK YOU!"

*end of flashback*

"3 years ago" he said.

"Louis I-" i started.

"Its fine" he said holding back tears. "I want to prove her wrong. She works here and its the only place that around here that you can rent movies from"

"Louis, you cut?" I asked.

"Used to. Not anymore! But will you please, for me" he asked.

"Ok, i will. Anything that happens, go along with it" i told him.

He smiled.

We drove to the place and got out. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me close.

"Go with it" he reminded me.

"I know" i said.

We opened the door.

"Oh hello Louis, what the fuck are you doing here. Did you pay this poor girl to be with you tonight? Did you get her from the slave auction?" Josie asked.

"Actually, we have been dating for 2 years now. I love him" i said kissing him on the cheeck.

"Oh, how much is he paying you. Blink twice if he is holding you captive" Josie said bitchily.

"Josie stop! Is it so bad that i moved on from you? I changed. Ask Emily" Louis said.

"Oh so this whore is Emily?" She asked.

I got pretty pissed.

"Bitch" i mumbled.

"Lets go get our movie and leave" Louis said holding my hand.

"Ok babe" i replied.

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