Backlot |ashton irwin|

She's inferior, he's stubborn. She's the A-lister, he's the newbie. She gets what she wants and he does what he wants.

And they'll do anything to get rid of the other.


2. "God woman, aren't you like forty?"

The smile immediately dropped from my face a scowl replaced it. 

No.  No one is going to take my spotlight. I've worked too hard to have some beach boy take everything away from me. 

"Now, I should probably introduce myself, right?" he asked and started giggling to himself.

He slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes.

"That was a dumb question. Of course I should. My name is Ashton Irwin." he grinned.

I heard Francessa giggle lightly. Ew. Absolutely disgusting.

"I turned twenty years old a few weeks ago. I feel really old. Almost like my grandma." he said smiling from ear to ear.


What is with this kid and smiling?


"So Mr. Irwin, you don't think you're a bit young too be auditioning for a lead?" Dan questioned, making notes.

Ashton shrugged, still smiling.

"You want to know what I think?" he asked rubbing his chin in thought.

"And what is that?" Francessa asked, clearly interested in him. Maybe a bit too much. Too much.

Ashton tapped his chin for extra effect and then pointed his finger up and widened his eyes as if he had an idea.

"I think that age is just a number and that it shouldn't matter my age, but my dedication and effort into my role." he answered, smile lightly.


Not going to lie, but what he said had warmed my heart. He was right. It made sense. He made sense. And that bugged me.


Francessa nodded in understanding.


"Mr. Irwin, you may continue." Dan instructed.

Ashton walked up a bit. "Uh well, I'm actually from Australia. West Sydney to be exact."

Francessa placed her elbows on the able and rested her chin in her palms.

"Australia?" she asked sighing dreamily. I groaned internally at her.

He nodded his head smiling up at her.

"So what brought you here to America? Not that I'm complaining or anything.." she said cheekily.

He scratched the back of head shyly before replying,"Well, it was always my dream to be involved in the entertainment industry. I have a love for Drama and the Arts. Hollywood was my first goal. So here I am." 

Francessa started giggling. Cecilia cleared her throat and began to speak. "I like your determination and ambition Mr. Irwin. You may begin your audition."

He proceeded to hop lightly on the spot. He shook himself,his arms and the his legs. 

"Hello Ms. Roberts, how was your morn- look..uh different.." he spoke out loud and clearly. He sounded generally shocked. 

I didn't even need to read over my script to say my following line. I'm always prepared.

"Different? What kind of different?" I questioned, lacing my voice with fake curiosity.

"It's just that I've never seen you look so.." Ashton trailed on.

"So..?" I urged, as if the moment we were having was real.

Ashton coughed, as he was supposed to.

"Forget I said anything. It's wrong of me to think like this." Ashton mumbled the last part, again, like he was supposed to.

He was doing everything right. He was good. Really good. Good enough to take away my shine.


"Mr. Irwin, that was lovely." Cecilia smiled. Francessa and Dan nodded in agreement. I grunted in response.

"That was one scene Cecilia. You can't test him off one scene." I argued, frustrated that he was getting the spotlight.

Francessa scowled at me but Cecilia nodded in agreement.

"You do have a valid point Colleen. How about we do another scene, is that fine with you Mr. Irwin?" Cecilia questioned the boy.

Ashton nodded confidently. 

" about we do an extract from scene twelve where Liam ends up in a sticky situation with Gracie." Dan suggested.

Ashton hopped on the spot again. Was this his ritual or something?


I was to speak first in this scene, so I began.

"Liam, are you alright?" I asked giggling.

"I-uh-I'm perfectly fine.W-Why'd you ask?" he asked giggling nervously.

"Well, for one, your redder than a tomato and two..." I drawled out as an action was supposed to be happen after the line.

"W-What do you mean?" Ashton questioned, his tone a mixture of nervousness and embarrassment.

I stifled a laugh. "Your buddy doesn't seem fine to me." I said giggling.

Ashton let a a noise of shame. If that's what you'f call it anyway.

Of course, he read every line perfectly. It was sickening.


Dan started clapping. Francessa grinned. Cecilia wiped a fake tear. I huffed in annoyance. This wasn't fair. I was the star.


"Maybe we should do another scene, like one that really tests him, a major scene. I mean this doesn't even count becau-" I mumbled but Francessa cut me short.

"Are you serious? This guy is amazing. What even is your problem?" she growled.

"Oh whatever Francessa, you're only acting like this because you-"

"Actually, I agree with Colleen. He should do a major scene." Dan interjected.

I grinned to myself.

"But he's already good enough. Ashton you are so talented. I'd love to see more of you. Maybe after auditions we could go see a mo-"

I sighed loudly. "God woman, aren't you like forty?" I asked irritated.

Francessa's face flushed. She glared at me. "No. I am not." 

"How old are you then? Fifty?" I shot at her.

"No. My age is none of your business." she muttered.

I knew for a fact that she was thirty-four. I just wanted her to admit that in front of her little boy crush.

Much to my dismay, she didn't. Cecilia sighed. "Can't we just finish this audition?" She gave Ashton a sympathetic look. She flipped through a few pages before stopping on one, scanning it and then she opened her mouth to speak once again. 

"Okay Mr. Irwin. This will be your last scene." she said sneaking a glance at me. I rolled my eyes.

"Now, for this scene. We will test your talent. This is the one of the last scenes of the movie. We will start off from the part where Gracie walks into her room to spot Liam sitting on the edge of her bed. You may begin." 

I flicked my hair behind my shoulder and got into character.

"Whoa Liam, you scared me. What are you doing here? Not that I don't want you here but..." I started.

"Yeah. Because you so want me here." Ashton said sarcastically.

"But I do want you here?" I asked confused.

Ashton huffed.

"Is something wrong?"

"Like you don't know." 

"Liam I don't understa-"

"Save it. I can't believe I fell in love with someone as heartless and..and.." 

"And..?" I asked with hurt in my voice.

"And skanky. Trashy. Whorish. Slutt-"

"Is that what you think of me?"

"I didn't. At first. Until I saw your little To-Do-List." Ashton spat.

"'s not what you think-" I cried out.

"Oh, it's exactly what I think. You used me."

"B-But I love you." I whimpered.

"Whatever." Ashton muttered.


Cecilia started clapping, Dan and Francessa joining in. Was I really that good?

"Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" she screamed in excitement.

I grinned cheekily.

"Ashton you nailed it!" Francessa cheered.

She rushed out of her seat to hug him. 

"The part is yours! There's no doubt." Dan smiled.

"You are brilliant." 

The smile fell off my face. They were cheering him on. Not me. He was getting the spotlight. They were praising him.

He beamed happily and his dimples popped out.

"You still didn't impress me." I said flatly. But I was lying. I would never give him that satisfaction.

He raised an eyebrow. 

"I've seen so much better." I scoffed, folding my arms.

"So why'd you have auditions then?" he questioned.

I remained quiet.

"Exactly. There was no one there that was good enough." 

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

"What are you getting at?" 

"I'm saying that you think no one will be good enough for you, obviously."

I scowled. "I don't think, I know."

Ashton laughed lightly before replying, "Newsflash honey, everything doesn't revolve around you." he sassed.


Francessa chuckled. "I like you Ashton." Cecilia and Dan smirked. Why were they smirking?

I clenched my fists and narrowed my eyes at Ashton as Cecilia and Dan got up to congratulate him.


Who did he think he was?



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