Violet Alexandra Avery

Violet Alexandra Avery's parents fight all the time and include her in them! Until one day the fight got bad so Violet. Violet went outside she was at the house next door. No one lives there. She met a boy that night. And helped her through it! He shows her some of his friends and they help her as well. But if this continues will she fall for the boy and will he fall for her!


4. School!!!

   The next morning I woke up to a loud beeping noise.

"Jake! Hey Jake there is a loud beeping noise!" I say as I poke him in the cheek.

"Aw, crap it's my alarm to get me up so I can get ready for school!" He groans as he reaches over and turns it off.

"SCHOOL! Let's go come on! I don't want to be late!" I shout, then I try to pry myself off away from him.

"NO! I don't want to! Please lets today!" Jakes whined, then he rolled on top of me.

"Jake! No we cant skip. Get off of me!" I laughed and poked him in face.

"Yes we can. Come on please, Vi." He whined, then he tickled me in my sides. I started cracking up laughing then I say trying to push him off me, " No we seriously need to go to school!"

"Oh alright fine. You win! But just this once, Vi! Don't forget we have almost all the same classes." He said rolling off of me, and went to his closet to get dressed.

I tried to get the covers off of me but it didn't work out so well. Why you ask? Well they were tangled on me. I was getting so annoyed with it.

"FUCK!" I screamed in annoyance.

Jake came out of the closet in nothing but his kahki pants.

"What's wrong, Vi? Cant get out of bed? See I told you we should skip today!" Jake said with a smirk on his he was leaning up against the door frame of the closet door.

"We are going! Can you please help me!" I said still annoyed.

He walked over to the bed and he pulled the covers off of me.

"Thank you!" I say relieved. I quickly got of bed and ran into my room.

Once I got in there I grabbed my duffel bag and dumped out all of my clothes. I finally found the shorts I was going to wear. So I took off my pants and put on my short blue jean shorts with holes. Then all I needed to find now was a shirt. I was skimming over the clothes when I found it. It was a black short sleeved shirt that was made out of sweater material and it was very soft. I took off my shirt and put it on. Then I quickly grabbed my converse and put them on. Then I grabbed my brush and ran into the bathroom. Then I realized that I didn't shut the door. I am such an idiot. What if he saw in my undies or even worse my bra. I didn't even realize until I was done brushing my hair and scolding myself that Jake was in here with me. I really need a headband cause my bangs look awful. I spotted one so I grabbed it.

"Umm Jake can I use this?" I asked looking at him in the mirror.

"Yeah its my sisters I don't think she will mind." He said looking at me in the mirror.

"Thanks. I didn't know you had a sister. Where is she?" I asked as I put the headband in my hair.

"She is with my parents." Jake said as he tries to figure out what to do with his hair.

"Umm you want some help?" I asked with a laugh.

"Yes please." He happily.

"Umm you are to tall you need sit somewhere." I say getting a little closer to him.

He reaches under the sink and pulls out a little stool and he sits on it.

"There is that better? Short stuff?" He says with a smile.

"Hey I'm not that short. And yes much better." I say happily.

I grabbed his comb and the gel. I started to brush his hair thank god he wet it already. Then I notice he is looking at me.

"Um I don't know what to do with your hair its too long?" I say looking at him.

"Well I would ask you to cut it but I don't think you know how." He said with a sad look on his face.

"How much time we have till school starts?" I said.

"Um an hour and a half. Why?" He says looking at me with a confused look on his face.

"Cause I do know how to cut hair. I went with my aunt to her hair salon and she taught me how to cut hair on both girls and boys. so would you let me?" I say a little happy.

"Sure just don't make me look stupid ok!" He says with worried look.

"No worries." I say reassuringly.

I look around the bathroom for a razor and some scissors. I finally found them and I started on his hair. It took me 45 minutes to cut his hair. It looked amazing it was short but not to short on the bottom (its to hard to explain that part) But on top its a little longer. When I was done with cleaning up his hair. I grabbed the comb and the gel and styled his hair. I did a spiky style.

"Ok you are all done." I say backing away from him.

He looked in the mirror and smiled.

"Wow! This is amazing I love it , Vi. You never ever leaving. I want you to do my hair all the time!" He says looking at me with a huge grin.

"Umm Jake I cant stay that long I don't have enough clothes and plus I don't think your parents will let me." I said sadly.

"Yes they will. And when they get back we will ask them." He said reassuringly.

"Ok. Now can we go to school now?" I say excitedly.

"Yes lets go." He says with with a grin.

We walk down stairs and out the door I head to the truck to wait for Jake cause he is locking up the house. Once he is done he unlocks the truck and we head to school. We have 20 minutes to get to school. And we live 10 minutes away from the school.

When we get to school Jake finds a parking spot and I have butterflies. I start to play with my hair and my legs shake up and down.

"Uh, Vi are you ok?" Jake asks, looking at me with a curious tone in his voice.

"Yeah just scared is all." I force a smile at him.

"Why?" he asks.

"Because I am going to walk into school with the most popular guy in school. When I am just a loner, and the shy girl no one likes." I say sadly.

"So who cares if I'm popular. Who cares if you are shy. I told you they l-" He couldn't finish his sentence when I told him, "Jake I don't want to be stared at when I walk into school. so how about we go back to how we were and pretend like we don't know each other. I know I am being rude and mean, but I don't like attention okay!' I tell him and give him a sympathetic smile.

"Oh ok, but can we talk in class? And how about I sit next to you in class so I can? I can come I late so I have the chance?" He says with a hopeful smile.

"I guess if it would make you stop nagging me about it." I tell him with a sigh but I give him a smile.

"Ok. Cool. Lets go!" He says getting out of the truck.

  When I get out I walk a little slower than him. He turns around and smiles at me and waves. I just wave at him. But once I get to the door of the school he opens it for me and gives me a smile.

"Here you go Miss!" He tells me with a smirk on his that tells me is toying with me.

"Stop it, Jake!" I say through gritted teeth.

"NO!" He whispers in my ear as he walks by.

I sigh and walk to my locker which is in the same hallway as my 1st period class. Which is the same as Jakes. Great this is going to a long day.




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