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This is just a collection of my random banners and... stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff. :)


81. Banner No. 81


A collage of my day at Comic Con 2015 ^~^ As the writing is a little small, I will tell you some anecdotes about each one ^~^

~~Top left: Me and a Naruto cosplayer
Okay, I could not resist getting a photo with this guy. It is an AWESOME cosplay!!! And I swear I've met him before, too... deja vu, much? :P
~~Top middle: The Hatake Twins
I want their outfits. End of story. Not really, but still. I would've gotten a photo with them, BUT MUM DITCHED ME FOR FRESH AIR. "Mask blocks sight, shouldn't block sound!" he said, after apologising because he didn't hear me ask for a photo XD
~~Top right: Some lovely ladies
cosplaying as Super(wo)man, a Weeping Angel and... uhh... I'm not actually sure about this one XD but I can now successfully imitate a Scottish accent XD
~~Middle left: A poster of Sharingan contacts
I have been wanting Sharingan contacts since I stumbled upon them in Google images AAAAAAAAGES ago and HERE THEY WERE. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I looked at them and went "HOHHHHHHHHHH" (that is literally the sound I made XD) and after looking around I told the lady, "I will be back." So, I went away and blah blah blah and came back and said, "I told you I'd be back." (Anyone get it?) :D :D :D
~~Middle: Me with Mangekyou Sharingan
YESSSSSSS :D :D :D :D :D They feel so weird compared to normal contacts because I can see the ring of red in my peripheral vision! It's so weird! I ended up taking the right one out because it was ANNOYING THE HELL OUTTA ME cause something was itching my eye, so I was more like Kakashi anyway XD And I have to wear my glasses with them because I can't wear them over/under normal contacts, but I will try it one day anyways XD And it also felt heavier than the normal ones... huh... ah well :P
~~Middle right: My "HennaArt"
This is AWESOME. Took two minutes to do! Literally! $18 for 10-15 days! For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a little temporary tattoo of sorts. They put something that resembles mud on your skin and you let it dry while putting some solution on it. When it peels of it stains your skin XD My friend Alex's is still on, but mine peeled off when I was taking my jacket on and off XD it is awesome XD
~~Bottom left: Me and some more cosplayers
Okay, I know I don't like Sakura, but COSPLAY. SERIOUSLY. I want the Akatsuki cloak!!!!! Uwah!
~~Bottom middle: Some more contact lenses
Cool, huh? XD
~~Bottom right: 3rd state Sharingan contacts
Also cool :D

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