Banner Wonderland

This is just a collection of my random banners and... stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff. :)


60. Banner No. 60

It was silent all around. There were signs saying "Je Suis Charlie" surrounding her on every side. She didn't understand what was going on. She didn't understand why everyone was quiet, crying or laying flowers. But as her parents, either side of her, took her hands she whispered, "Mommy, Daddy, what's going on?"

"Shh, Janice," Daddy whispered back. "This is a minute's silence. We must me quiet." Janice felt Mommy squeeze her and and when she turned her head to look, tears were rolling down her face. So Janice looked back at the flowers, and was surprised to feel tears beginning to fall down her cheeks, too.

Maybe one day she would understand what was going on. She would ask her parents, and they would explain. Maybe one day, when she was the big girl she dreamed of being.


A memento for Je Suis Charlie. Rest in peace, all those who were lost. And don't blame a whole religion for the acts of a few, I beg you.

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