Banner Wonderland

This is just a collection of my random banners and... stuff. I DO believe in the power of stuff. :)


49. Banner No. 49

It was just another day at the sales. Marie wandered around, admiring all of the beauties there. Shetlands, the little cuties. Thoroughbreds, big and powerful. Quarter ponies, small yet strong. But... none of them had what Marie was looking for.

Then there was an almighty neigh behind her, and she spun around. It was a horse, rearing up and screaming. There were men all around it, trying to calm the horse down. Everyone backed away. Everyone except Marie. Marie just stood there, staring at the big, black Friesian stallion. The powerful figure that towered over the whole world. The shining pitch-black coat that seemed to be made of coal. The flowing mane and tail that rippled in the breeze.

It was perfect. He was exactly what Marie was looking for. That one black stallion.

Another little thingy about horses. I so so so so so so so so so so so badly want a Friesian, they are so BIG and BEAUTIFUL and BLACK!!!!!! I have a thing for black horses, they are the best! XD But, to fulfill my dream of endlessly barrel racing, a quarter horse is the breed for me :) Ah well, can't win em all!

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