Secret's Cover Contest

You may have heard of these cover makers before, dear friends of mine and great cover makers, well now they are my competitors for the cover contest; hosted by me! What will happen is the contestants will receive a challenge on a previous chapter, where they may make one, and one only, cover each. When all three are in, I and maybe some helpers, will decide the worthy winner. This will happen a number of times. What? What do they win I hear you say? Hm... Honour, I guess, and pride. I may compete as well sometimes, but I won't be a judger for when that happens. Anyway, enough of this, let's get this show on the road!

*The cover you see is made by River_Summers*


9. Task 5 - Elementary, My Dear Watson...

Right... ladies and germs. 
It was a very, very close call last week. Number 4 and number 5 certainly got the most votes, and it was close! Very tight.
So the winner... is... 
If the owner of number 5 would like to step forward, and you shall win nothing but pride.
Number 4 - 4
Number 5 - 5

So congratulations to the owner of number 5! 
You beat me... I was number 4.


So, A levels. 
My English Language A level topic is on detectives and crime genre themed books. And if you can see where this is going, good on you!

Your task is to make a nice old fashioned detective, Sherlock Holmes style cover. 
Set in the early 1900's, this cover needs to have a sense of authentic feel to it. And of course, it needs to have a vibe of detectives, stereotypical or genuine, I don't mind.

It shall be called "Cotton Knives". 
A reference that some of you may know... some.

Well then my fine squad of detectives, go and snuff out some good images and piece them together!

- Secrets Shadownight

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