Secret's Cover Contest

You may have heard of these cover makers before, dear friends of mine and great cover makers, well now they are my competitors for the cover contest; hosted by me! What will happen is the contestants will receive a challenge on a previous chapter, where they may make one, and one only, cover each. When all three are in, I and maybe some helpers, will decide the worthy winner. This will happen a number of times. What? What do they win I hear you say? Hm... Honour, I guess, and pride. I may compete as well sometimes, but I won't be a judger for when that happens. Anyway, enough of this, let's get this show on the road!

*The cover you see is made by River_Summers*


5. Task 3 - The Soldier

So as always, we shall announce the winner of task 2.
And it was number 2, by River_Summers!

Two tasks won so far River, but can you keep up your streak?

And now, for your next task; which I shall be participating in this time!

As I read "Last Night, Another Soldier..." by Andy McNab (A great author, I must say) I had a look at the cover which is rather foreshadowing.
The story is about a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan by a Taliban ambush. Well, that's the main part of it, I shan't give you more spoilers.

Moving on, your task is to make a cover for a book called "The Beret of Steel" and it is set in the warzone of Afghanistan.
On the front has to be present day soldier, not the future, not the past, but the present day soldier (Or if you're feeling creative and want to use some kind of other image to do with the life of a present day soldier or links to the title, go for it) and with the title placed some where.

Good luck!
Like I said, I shall be competing too, but I'm not as good as you lot, so please don't feel threatened. You're far better than I.

- Secrets Shadownight

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