Secret's Cover Contest

You may have heard of these cover makers before, dear friends of mine and great cover makers, well now they are my competitors for the cover contest; hosted by me! What will happen is the contestants will receive a challenge on a previous chapter, where they may make one, and one only, cover each. When all three are in, I and maybe some helpers, will decide the worthy winner. This will happen a number of times. What? What do they win I hear you say? Hm... Honour, I guess, and pride. I may compete as well sometimes, but I won't be a judger for when that happens. Anyway, enough of this, let's get this show on the road!

*The cover you see is made by River_Summers*


3. Task 2 - Villain Rehab

Before we get onto the task, give a big round of a applause to River_Summers for winning task 1! Her's was the second cover and it won by the majority of the vote.
So thank you all to those who voted.

Anyway, onto the mission at hand.
But today, this task does not come from me. Oh no. But from a person who would love to have some top quality covers.

The Movella that has not been published yet is all about various villains from TV shows to movies to books, and they are all sent to a rehabilitation centre.
So once again my friends, you are to be creative and imaginative with this one!

But may I also say, welcome to two new competitors, Evelyn Shadownight and HeartTaunter! I look forward to your contributions, I know they shall be swell!

Good luck cover makers!

- Secrets Unfold

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