Smoke baby {Z.M}

Typical bad boy, Zayn Malik, and daddy;'s girl Josephine head out together somewhere out there in the wild, wild world. Their journey begins, and ends quicker then you imagined. But the amazing time, and the memories they made will .. never... be forgiven.
~Read what happened in short Z.M story ;P


1. Short Prologue

    "Move it away from my face!" she yelled, and slammed my hand away. I don't understand why is she so harsh. It's no big deal. Right?

    "I said..!" she tried to pound again, but I stopped her from screaming. People will hear, and it won't be good.

    "Do it baby girl. You'll see, you'll feel amazing," I said trying to convince her. She sighed.

    "Can't you understand?! Do I look like a girl who will ever try smoking!" She screamed in my face, and tried running away, but all the doors were locked. She can't go anywhere. She will be the girl I want her to be. She'll like it. She'll want it. She will be who she'll eventually dream to be. I'll give it to her. She's going to be mine. I'll make her.. mine.

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