Smoke baby {Z.M}

Typical bad boy, Zayn Malik, and daddy;'s girl Josephine head out together somewhere out there in the wild, wild world. Their journey begins, and ends quicker then you imagined. But the amazing time, and the memories they made will .. never... be forgiven.
~Read what happened in short Z.M story ;P


2. Chapter One

     A month ago I would've never thought I would be the person I am today. It's quite scary really. The people I hang out with, my clothes, my thinking.. Zayn has been trying to completely change my personality, and he did. Well not a 100% did..As much as he's trying to make me one of them... stoners... the more I keep refusing.

     It not easy to deal with a father like mine, and the fact he controls my life. He is always telling me what to wear, how to act, what to do.. I am so sick of it. I get in trouble for very little things. I get followed everywhere. And that's because of the power my dad has over the country. It's a nightmare.

  `      Next day of school. '

     "Meet me after school baby," Zayn whispered behind my ear as I was putting my stuff in my locker. "Why do you want that so badly?" I questioned.

     "What are you talking about?" he pretended he didn't know what I was trying to say. I rolled my eyes. "You know what I mean..."

      "Because you'll be the girl I dream for," he said.

      "Wait... so what you mean by that is that you're trying to make me be like you, because...."

      "It's no time for explanations Josephine," he ended the conversation leaving me a little confused.

    I don't know what my excuse will be today for staying after school. My father will kill me if he finds out I do something he's absolutely against... like... meeting up with Zayn Malik.  The areas biggest troublemaker. Everybody knows him... almost everyone hates him, because of the things he's done, but I somehow don't feel any hate towards him. I feel free when I'm around him. I feel like I can be myself. This is why he changed me. I was a typical white girl wearing the skirts, and crop tops, drinking the starbucks, shopping  almost every week.

    One day Zayn broke into my house and tried to hide weed in there because the police was looking after him. They knew he had a lot of it. Zayn had ran away somewhere, but my father ended up staying a couple months in jail. Since then my dad had paid a few big guys to make sure he is nowhere around to be seen otherwise nothing good will happen to him. And I know what's gonna happen to him... it gives me shivers thinking about it.


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