Smoke baby {Z.M}

Typical bad boy, Zayn Malik, and daddy;'s girl Josephine head out together somewhere out there in the wild, wild world. Their journey begins, and ends quicker then you imagined. But the amazing time, and the memories they made will .. never... be forgiven.
~Read what happened in short Z.M story ;P


9. Chapter eight

"Let me go!" I screamed, and pounded as one of the big guys dragged me to the car. There was no point in my kicking and punching, because he was ten times bigger, and stronger than me.  I was trying to grab Zayn, but the other two guys were holding him tight. I saw him, he was trying to escape. Tears were running down my face.

  "I told you not to deal with this criminal," my dad harshly said.

  "He is not a criminal dad!" I screamed at him. "You can't treat me like this."

   "Yes I can if I want to. Because of this little fucker I stayed it jail. You understand?!" he yelled at me with his deep voice. I stayed quiet. I looked out the window searching for Zayn, but they weren't there anymore.

    "Don't worry bout your friend. He is in my hands now," my dad spoke. I gave my dad a death glare. I had so much hate for him right now that my blood was boiling inside of me.

    "I hate you!" I screamed at him. They were driving me out of the forest, and soon we were at my old house.

   I stayed in my room. Waiting for Zayn to come, and rescue me. I didn't know where he was. I hoped he was okay. I just thought about him all day, and all night long after my dad locked me back in this house. I didn't want to eat, I didn't sleep, I didn't go to school. I stayed in my room. Locked. Waiting, and waiting for him. For the love of my life to come back.

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