My baby

Anna seems to have her whole life turned around when she meet ashton.

Lol so
Sorry if I am super fast with the story.Im not a good writer


2. yep

I remembered that I needed shoes so I ran to the front door where I always kept my shoes and almost slipped in a hurry to grab them.i slipped them on and ran to the bus stop.I walked up the bus steps and into the bus giving the bus driver a slip.She showed me an empty seat.I walked quickly to the seat and slamed my butt into the seat.I was so nervous.As we rolled up to the school,I looked out the window nervous as hell.UGH.I walked out the bus and followed everyone going in the front doors.I was so happy that the office was at the front of the school.I walked in and the lady at the front of the office gave me a huge smile."You must be Anna Willams,huh?"I gave her a nod and she handed me my schedule and showed me my first class.I was shaking going up to the door.I walked in and the teacher stood up.

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