My baby

Anna seems to have her whole life turned around when she meet ashton.

Lol so
Sorry if I am super fast with the story.Im not a good writer


3. WOW

She walked over to me and introduced me too the class."Students,this is Anna,your new class mate.".I looked all around the room at all the people staring at me.My eyes stopped on one boy.We seemed to be making complete eye contact.Wow.He was so hot.He had kinda curly wavy hair ontop of a nice little red bandanna.He had the cutest little dimples as he smiled at me.He had huge muscles that looked so hot on his long arms.Our eye contacts broke when the teacher asked someone to show me around the school."Who would you like to show you around the school?"She told me to pick any one who was rasing there hand.Only an coulple people

did.I was surprised that the boy I adored already raised his hand.So,DUH.I chose him.


Wow.I can't believe she picked me.She was so pretty.She seemed like a nice girl.I stood up to go to her but my legs were shaking.Calum pushed me a little and gave me a wink.I stood right by her.My heart was beating fast as hell.I looked at her red cheeks and I blushed too.The teacher told me to bring her and show her all around the school.We walked out the class room and we stood straight in front of eachother.Her eyes were so beautiful."You have really pretty eyes..."I said blushing."Oh,thank you.You have really cute dimples."she said.It seemed that we were both as red as tomatoes.We were both walking as I showed her around the school.We were both smiling at each other the whole time."So,how do you like the school?"I said."Oh,I love it."she said.I couldn't let her go.There was just something about her that made me want to stick around with her all the time."So,you wanna hang out at lunch?"I said shyly."I would love to since I well,don't have any friends yet."she said playing with her fingers.Wow,that was adorable.I love how shy she is around me."Well maybe we could be friends for now."she said while her cheeks were turning even redder.The bell rung.Damn."Well I have to go to gym now.What do you have next?"I said.She took out her schedule and I peeked over to see also.


Oh my god.I have gym with him.How can this day get any better.A huge smile spread across Ashton's face.Damn his dimples are so cute.We both walked to gym together and he told me to ask the gym teacher for a uniform.

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