Louis lost love

Louis is looking for a girl that was with him but that girl was cheeting on Louis the girl like Niall Louis has a plan


1. first day

Louis woke me up early and said "let's go to the mall". He always got vans, but this time he decided not to spend much time with me, and instead got ready for a wedding. He always attends weddings. His a "love spy", who makes sure nobody destroys the party.

I don't know what he does but this I found out.

Ok I start to spy on Louis when I see him hanging out and a while later I saw him fighting robbers .I saw him throwing the guys on the table .

He soon left the party wearing a tux and sunglasses. I ran home to avoid seeing Louis. Something weird happened, and I later discovered that he was in hospital with an injured arm. I went to the hospital based on my intuition and after seeing him fight those thugs at the wedding earlier that night. Our eyes met and we hugged. He admitted to me that he was the "love spy", and that he didn't want to do this job anymore.

We hugged even closer and he looked into my eyes and said, " I love you and I will stay with you". We spent more time together and I loved it. I love Louis and he loves me.

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