I grew up Harry

Kendall is a woman from Cheshire, England. She's 20yrs old. She was best friends with Harry styles from One direction. He lived next door to her. They were best friends until Harry went on X-factor. He stopped texting or calling. She was upset for awhile. Until she started dating a guy name Brandon. He abused her so he went to jail. That was when she was 17. Then she dated a guy named David. She got pregnant and had a little boy named Jason. David and Kendall got married. When she was 19 David died. He was shot by his father. Kendall lived a lonely life with her 3 year old little boy. She has no light in her life until Harry comes and visits. What will happen when he finds out her past? Will there be romance in their future? Or just regret?


16. How could you?!

Harry's POV

I said "what's wrong Kendall?!" Kendall said "HARRY I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!" I said "WHAT?!!!" Kendall said "haha you believed that?!!! Oh my god that was funny!! Your reaction was hilarious!!!!" I said "you shit head!!!! I actually thought you were pregnant!!!" Kendall said "ya I even made myself cry!! Haha!! I love you." She kissed my cheek. I said "never do that again!!!" She said "ya I won't. Umm Harry there is a car outside!!" I said "it's our car...wait shit it's the boys!" Kendall said "how do they know this place?" I said "well one time me and the boys stayed here on vacation together." Kendall said"dammit Harry!" I said "we should hide." Kendall said "yeah." We ran out the back door. We ran to the side of the house. I looked over to them getting out of the car. I heard Louis say "they have to be here!!!" Liam said "calm down!" Niall said "how are we gonna tell Harry that his mum died?!!!!" Zayn said "I don't know." I fell to the ground. I sobbed silently. Kendall hugged me. Kendall said "Harry it's gonna be alright." After about 2 hours the boys left. We went inside. I sat on the couch sobbing very loudly. Kendall said "shh Harry it's gonna be alright." I said "no it's not!!!!!! You don't understand!!! My mum died!!!!" Kendall said "I do understand!!! Do you wanna know why?!!!!!" I nodded. Kendall said "I got beat by my boyfriend, I was disowned by my parents, I had a child, I had my husband die but was alive and he killed my sister that loved me, he also kidnapped my son for weeks!!!!! My son was taken away from me!!!!!! You almost got murdered by David my ex-husband!!!! When you cheated on me I drank a lot for a whole fucking year!!!! I drank day and night. One time I drank so much I almost died!!!!! And you say I don't understand!!!!!!" I stood up. I said "I understand now!!! Your a jackass who likes to pity herself, and who plays selfish mean pranks on people!!!!!" Then suddenly I slapped Kendall on the face. Kendall started to cry. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I ran to the door. I knocked on it. I said "OPEN THE DOOR!!!!! I'm so so so so so so so so so sorry I did that!!!!!" I started crying. Then the door opened. I saw Kendall sitting in the bathtub crying. I sat by her. I said "I'm sorry Kendall I really didn't mean to do that!!!" Kendall shook her head. Kendall said "how could you Harry. I love you and you slap me across the face!" I wrapped my arms around her. I said "we're so messed up." Kendall said "yeah. I'm only 21 and have almost killed myself, been married, had a kid, been abused, found love, had a child taken away. Only one thing is a good thing in that list. It's you, but if you ever hit me again I'm getting Damon here and me and him are going to personally kick your ass!" I nodded. I kissed her forehead. I said "I love you so much." Kendall said "I love you too. Can we go home soon cause I'm missing everyone." I said "yeah me too."

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