I grew up Harry

Kendall is a woman from Cheshire, England. She's 20yrs old. She was best friends with Harry styles from One direction. He lived next door to her. They were best friends until Harry went on X-factor. He stopped texting or calling. She was upset for awhile. Until she started dating a guy name Brandon. He abused her so he went to jail. That was when she was 17. Then she dated a guy named David. She got pregnant and had a little boy named Jason. David and Kendall got married. When she was 19 David died. He was shot by his father. Kendall lived a lonely life with her 3 year old little boy. She has no light in her life until Harry comes and visits. What will happen when he finds out her past? Will there be romance in their future? Or just regret?


11. Friends

Harry's/ Cory's POV

I woke up to a knock on my door. I opened it and it was Kendall. I said hi. She said may I come in, I bought breakfast. I said please go away I'm only wearing boxers. She said seriously you think I'm stupid, I fucking known you since we were 5 so shut it. She opened my door. I said well hello. She said ok I bought donuts. I said what kind? She said creme filled idiot. I opened the box and grabbed two. She gave me a frappe from Starbucks. She said tv? I said sure. She turned it on. It was the news. The woman said here's the video Simon Cowel provided from Harry styles event last night. We watched that video. The woman said well One direction fans it looks like Harry isn't coming back because Kendall Osborn. Kendall looked on Twitter and saw many rude comments but she wasn't even upset. I said are you ok? Kendall said ya I don't care what they say. I said ok are you sure? She said ya it doesn't matter. Then the woman said here is what Harry styles mum had to say. Mum said my son oh Harry why? I blocked out the rest of the video of her talking. I started crying. Kendall hugged me. I sobbed. I said let's go. She said where? I said anywhere. She nodded. I put on a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and brown boots. We walked out the front door. I saw many girls yelling. I said get out of here!!!! One said fuck you Harry!! They threw water balloons filled with tomato sauce in them. Me and Kendall were red. I laughed. Kendall said get noodles then we could be a meal. We ran to the tattoo shop. We went inside. Harley said where's the noodles? I said don't know. Ken came in. He laughed his ass off at us. I said I know. Damon said where's lunch.....what the hell?! I said I know. He said your not allowed here!! Kendall said Damon it's ok. Damon nodded. Kate handed us extra clothes. We went to there one bathroom that had a shower. I took a shower first. Then Kendall got one. We got dressed. I put on boxers, a red shirt, white skinny jeans, and black converse. Kendall put on a bra, underwear, a black top with a rose on it, pink skinny jeans, and gray converse. We walked out. I sat in Kendall's chair. She sat next to me. She said do you want a tattoo? I said ya, can I have a angel with devil horns. She nodded. It took 3-4 hours but it was done. I said wow thanks, let me pay. She said no it's ok. I said no I'm paying. She said ok. I paid then Kendall and I went to the bar. I went inside. Frank said Cory!!! I said ya?! He said do your work mister. I said ok. I stood on the other side of the counter. Kendall sat in front of me. I said beer? She said yup. I gave her a beer. Then Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn came in. They saw me. I said act natural. Louis said hey mate. I said hi. Liam said 4 beers please. I nodded. They sat next to Kendall. Liam said hi Kendall. Kendall said hey. Niall said what are you doing with Harry. She said it's Cory and nothing. Niall said ok Cory are you going to screw her over again? I said no were just friends. Zayn said right. Louis said we brought someone. The door opened and my sister Gemma came in. I said hell no. Louis said hell yes. I said fuck you. Gemma said what are you doing with that bitch. I said she's my friend. Gemma punched Kendall in the face and kicked her several times. I pushed Gemma away from Kendall. I said fuck you Gemma get away from her!! I picked Kendall up. She was bleeding and spitting up blood. I said Gemma what the fuck?!!!!!!!!

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