I grew up Harry

Kendall is a woman from Cheshire, England. She's 20yrs old. She was best friends with Harry styles from One direction. He lived next door to her. They were best friends until Harry went on X-factor. He stopped texting or calling. She was upset for awhile. Until she started dating a guy name Brandon. He abused her so he went to jail. That was when she was 17. Then she dated a guy named David. She got pregnant and had a little boy named Jason. David and Kendall got married. When she was 19 David died. He was shot by his father. Kendall lived a lonely life with her 3 year old little boy. She has no light in her life until Harry comes and visits. What will happen when he finds out her past? Will there be romance in their future? Or just regret?


6. Found

Harry's POV/ 1 week later

I woke up and saw Kendall asleep. I heard her phone ringing. I answered it. I said hello. A man said hi is Kendall Osborn there? I said yes but she's asleep. He said well we found Jason Osborn. I said really?! He said yes we are sending him to Los Angeles, California, so tomarrow we are taking him to your house is that ok? I said of coarse. He said ok were coming tomarrow at 8:00am. I said ok bye. He said bye. I ran downstairs. I saw everyone up and eating in the kitchen. I said really big news! Damon said what is it? I said you all know it's Kendall's birthday tomarrow, so I came up with a surprise. Harley said go on your boring the shit out of us! I said ok well I just got a call and they found Jason, he's coming tomarrow at 8:00am. Harley said that's wonderful!! They cheered. I said it's a surprise so don't say anything. Kendall walked in. I said cereal? She said ya. Harley said you don't seem too happy for food. Kendall said cause no one going to care that my birthday is tomarrow, wow great friends. Harley said don't be a bitch. Kendall said you don't have a birthday coming up, and you don't have a son that is missing so don't say that shit, I'm not hungry anymore thanks. Kendall went upstairs. I said what the hell Harley? Harley said she was being a bitch. I said she has a lot of stress. Harley said I'll go say sorry. After at least 10 minutes Harley came down. Harley said we are in deep shit. I said why? Harley said Kendall is going through a rampage upstairs but she's fine now so everything is ok. I said ok. Author's note: Hey Kendall's b-day is June 6th. Oh I am skipping to Kendall's b-day.

I woke up and made sure Kendall was sleeping. I put on a blue button up shirt, black super skinny jeans, and light brown boots. I ran downstairs. Everyone was in the kitchen. I said what are you making? Ken said a breakfast feast. Liam said there is eggs, omlets, cheesy eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, and waffles. I said what about drinks? Niall said there is apple juice, orange juice, and milk. I said ok. I heard the doorbell ring. Harley said luckily you bought all that stuff you needed for Jason staying over. I said ya. I opened the door and I saw a police officer and Jason. I picked up Jason. I said thank you sir. He said your welcome. I closed the door and went into the kitchen. I put Jason in a high chair. Kendall came into the kitchen. I said hey we got you a present. Kendall said ok? I said here you going to like him. I gave Jason to Kendall. I saw her eyes light up. She said Jason!! Jason said mommy. She cried and so did Jason. She kissed Jason's head. Kendall said thank you. I said no problem. She gave Jason to Harley. I gave her a confused look. She stared into my eyes. Then kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her hands on my face. We sat down and ate. Later that night. We all sat around the fire. Jason in Kendall's lap. Kendall beside me. We sang songs. Then we just talked. Everyone was in a conversation. Kendall said so Harry. I said yes? Kendall said I like you and I might even......, I said I love you too. I kissed her lips. She smiled. After a while we went to bed. Kendall came in and put Jason in a crib. She put on a big black shirt, and pink pj shorts. She sat on my lap. She said Harry I love you. I said I love you too. I kissed her lips. She laid on top of me and fell asleep. I stared at her. It turns out she wasn't sleeping cause she said it last longer is take a picture. I said I thought you were asleep. She said I wasn't. I kissed her. Then we both actually fell asleep.

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