Journal Entries: 4th and 7th Grades

I have written many a journal entry in my life, but I only have records of my entries from 4th grade and 7th grade. I write for fun on Movellas, but here's some stories I had to write! Here's all my entries I've done in those grades! If you need help with a journal entry, or if you were just curious, here is my record.


9. Superquack Was Invited To Dinner

A Dialogue. I wrote Superquack myself, and it just might go on Movellas someday.

"I presume your parents are--" Superquack began.

"I'm sorry, but Dad's not dining with us," replied 10-year-old Mr. Tutusymbol. "He hopes you'll understand."

"Hmm? Of course," Superquack replied. "It's just a priority of mine to know who I'm saving."

"He prefers an exceptional amount of safety. Paranoid in my mind. Surely of all brains, yours understands that."

"I was just wondering," said Superquack's young suidekick, Morgan, "of all the places to settle down after a day of labor, why dine by a lava wall?"

"He wishes to guard the kitchen," Mr. Tutusymbol said. "Paranoia is a weakness we share."

"Seems a bit uncivilized," Morgan replied.

"I would prefer to think of it as misunderstood," Mr. Tutusymbol said back. "Seeing you finished your supper...well, let's throw pies!"

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