The Truth About Heaven

What would you do if you died? Would you have regrets? Forgotten loved ones? Children?
So what if you were given the chance to live your life in a new way after dying.
Well that is what happened to eight year old Zayn.
One day whilst on a tour of an old factory, Zayn's life changed when the building collapsed and he died. That day would start his new life were he will find out the truth about heaven.


1. Prologue

*1865 Outskirts of London*

       “Edan! Edlan! Taran! Tadi! I summon you, the four elements!” When the man proclaimed the last few words the waters of the river, as if by magic, shifted and form into a flowing dragon. It coiled itself around him nearly swallowing him within the water of its massive tail. Next the flames from the nearest town was snuffed out and at the same time a dragon made of the brightest flames a rose in front of the man and let out a ferocious roar; the light from its wings lighting up his face. The winds pick up and a faint outline of a dragon with the wings of a butterfly flew around him. Finally the very earth rose into a spiked dragon larger than a mountain but not quite as large as the fire dragon or the water dragon.

            “What is it Malik!” the flaming dragon roared, “Why do you call upon us.”

            “Come now, Edan, don’t you know that this doesn’t scare me?” Malik smirked, “Actually aren’t you all a little less magnificent than normal?” None of the beasts spoke. “Kek has resurfaced,” Malik said growing serious.

            “I’m surprised that he found a host so quickly,” Edlan hissed.

            “Well he caused a lot of damage I assume. Am I correct Malik?” Edan growled.

            “Yes he’s killed, at the moment, roughly two thousand people.”

            “And why would this concern anyone but Edan. He’s your element after all.” The water dragon, Edlan, hissed.

            “We have to stop him!” Malik began to start begging.

            “I agree. What does it matter to us so long as there are enough humans than we are fine.” The earth dragon, Taran grumbled.

            “Please-,” Malik tried to explain, but the dragons kept talking. Finally he lost his patience, “Just shut your traps and listen for two seconds.”

            “And why should we?” Tadi the wind beast hissed.

            “Because Kek has already begun to kill hosts, Edlan’s was his first victim.” Silence fell amongst the group. “I’m surprised you didn’t sense it, Edlan,” Malik spat, clearly judging the poor beast.

            “I had a feeling something was wrong, but Lilly lost faith and my connection was weakened,” the Element was clearly crushed about what had happened.

            “We have to stop him. This has gone too far. Will you all help me?” Malik asked with great confidence.

            Edan appeared to smile thought the flames making up his body made it unclear, “You have my support Malik, Master.”

            Edlan then rested in one area next to Edan, “I no longer have a host, so for the mean time I shall follow you command.”

            After quite a bit of convincing Tadi and Taran joined the small group, sadly none of them knew that in doing this they were submitting their hosts to horrid and bloody deaths.

*2005 New York City*

            “Zayn! Come on don’t fall behind.”

            “Coming, Dad!” The little boy pulled himself away from the glass window that allowed visitors to view the complex machinery in the factory at a safe distance.

            He jogged up to stand beside his family. All of them, Zayn, his brother Joe, his mom, and his dad, had decided to go on a tour of a car factory. It was mostly Joe’s idea because he had a weird obsession with cars, but Zayn like looking at how smooth the operation was.

            As the group ventured farther into the factory it began to get colder and Zayn certainly felt it. He didn’t want anyone to notice but he started to shiver anyway. “Hey kiddo,” Zayn’s dad said, “Are you cold?”

            He nodded slightly.

            “Here you go,” his dad handed him his jacket. It was a blue varsity jacket that he found one day. “I don’t need it anyway.” Zayn took the jacket and put it on.

            “Zayn! Wait up!” Zayn looked back to see a little boy running up behind him. He looked a lot like Zayn; same jet black hair, same slightly tanned skin. The only difference between the boys was they’re eye color where Zayn had a deep midnight blue; the boy’s were a bright emerald green.

            “Hey Zack!”

            “Hi,” Zack said cheerfully. “Cool jacket. Did your dad give it to you?”

            “Yeah, I was cold so he let me wear it.” By now the boys had tuned out the guide. Neither one of them was very interested in “how an engine works.”

            “Lucky, when I told my dad I was cold he said to suck it up.” Zayn knew that Zack’s dad was tough on his son, but all he was trying to do was toughen him up a little. Their families had been close friends for as long as they can remember.

            Then the boys were pulled back to reality by an alarm. No one in the room seemed to know what to do. “Stay calm everyone,” the tour guide said walking over to a door on the other side of the small viewing room. It was slightly too small for the large group of people that had been stuffed into it. It was easy to see the worry on the faces of people around.

            The guide tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge, so he tried again and still nothing. Now people were worrying. Some of them were crying, others screaming, and some tried to stay calm for the others around them. The guide radioed the others in the building only to find that no one could get out.

            “Zayn! Zack! Come here.” Zack’s mother yelled. She was standing with Zack’s father and Zayn’s family. The boys ran over to them.

            “What’s going on Dad,” Zack whimpered.

            “Quiet boy!” the older man snapped.

Zayn looked up at his father for an answer. “It’s going to be okay. I promise.” He smiled warmly at his son.  Then the ground began to shake. Zany looked into his dad’s eyes and saw something he had never seen before. It looked like the pupil was out lined by red. Then the floor gave out and the last thing Zayn saw before blacking out was a steal beam coming down from the ceiling above.


            “Zayn, open your eyes,” a soft voice as smooth and soft as flowing water spoke. He did as he was told, but when he did he couldn’t seen out of his right eye. Zayn started to freak out.

            “Calm down little one you must be sunken up by the collapse.” This voice was strong and wild like a forest fire.

            “Collapse?” Zayn then remembered the sirens of technical difficulties, the look in his dad’s eyes, and the beam. “Am… Am I… I dead?” He could barley form those words. The shock was beginning to set in. He sank to his breathing heavily and wrapping his arms around him.

            The first voice he had heard answered him, “For the time being yes.”

            How was this possible? What did it mean that he was dead? Why was he still in pain, if he was truly dead?  All these questions and more spun around in the poor boy’s head giving him a massive headache.

            “Look at what you did, Edlan. The poor kid is terrified.” The fiery voice said. “Calm down boy you’re fine. My name is Edan or Fire,” a little red dragon appeared out of the darkness. It was a fiery red and had golden wings that shown like a flame they even gave off the heat of one. “And this is Edlan or Noble Waterfall.” Another dragon appeared it was slightly smaller than Edan and this one was different shades of blue. It’s body think a little hovering stream.

            “I am sorry for frightening you, Beautiful Master.” Edlan hissed.


            “Calm down Zayn Edlan still wishes to live in the past. She is simply referring to the meaning for your first and middle name.” Edan growled.

            “Oh I get it… I … I think”

            “Well, Zayn there is something I must ask you.”

            “What is it Edan?” Zayn had calmed down a little, but the pain from in his head remained.

            Edlan was the one who asked the question that would change Zayn’s life forever. “Would you like to return to the life you had before?”

            That was a hard question, but what if his parents were still alive he would miss them too much. And what about Joe he wouldn’t have a little brother, and Zack needed someone to keep him out of trouble. Zayn went over everything his head, and for an eight year old that was a lot. Eventually he agreed.

            In a flash of light and less than a second Zayn was back in the factory under the rubble and all he could see was to his right was his parents. Little did he know this would be the last time he would see them breathing.

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