Love Hangover

Before Harry Styles was famous there was this girl named Lucy. Lucy was bullied everyday by Harry until he left to live his dream. When come back he finds out something out that will change his mind about Lucy.

Cover by: brxken

© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


2. Who am I?

Love Hangover

Chapter 1----- Who am I?

Lucy’s Pov

My name is Lucy Kate Hale. I’m 17. I've been battling with so many things in life so far it’s almost so real that I’m still keeping my head up. Ever since I was young I imagined myself growing up as this crazy wild teenager but 4 months ago my life changed.

Four months ago I was diagnosed with leukemia. After that people started laughing at me because my hair would fall out and because I slept in class all the time when I started chemo. I  started to lose all my friends and even somebody I used to like turned on me.

It’s hard to think that at that time all I wanted was comfort but nobody was there for me. This special guy that I started to like stopped talking to me because he eventually found out that I had cancer. I knew that I had to make my senior year memorable because who knows if I’ll be able to go to uni.

I started to hangout with my best friend Casey! She’s an amazing friend and a really good support system. About 2 months ago when I was all alone she came to me and started to help an check up on me. Ever since then she’s helped me with so much and I really want to pay her back by taking Casey to an One Direction concert since she loves them.

Casey is a huge 1D fan at heart. She doesn't know that I used to go to school with Harry and grew up with him as well. It’ll be hard to explain to her that I know him but maybe I just shouldn't tell her. She’ll be better off knowing that I like 1D but not as much as she loves them!

This summer would be amazing because I get to spend more time with Casey and her family. I've gotten really close with her family because they would come to the hospital with me for chemo and they would also be with through all the hard times.

Seeing Harry on stage will be hard yet frightening for me. I don't him to realize that I’m there or I don’t want him to try an make a conversation with me. Hopefully he doesn't remember me. Yes, It’s only been about a good 2 or 3 years since we both seen each other but who know’s if he'll remember me.

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