Love Hangover

Before Harry Styles was famous there was this girl named Lucy. Lucy was bullied everyday by Harry until he left to live his dream. When come back he finds out something out that will change his mind about Lucy.

Cover by: brxken

© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


1. Prologue

"Things change, Some things change that it makes the people around you realize how much they need you or how sorry they are" - HarrehXOXOStyles 

Harry Styles has been my bully for years. He left to go live out his dream. Along the way there have been some rumors that he's been coming back in town for a concert.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he comes back. I'm scared I'll end up having to go to his concert because Casey loves one direction.

Yes my friend Casey is a really huge fan of the boys! She loves one direction especially Harry. She doesn't know that I went to school with him an that he used to bully me.

The bad part about Harry coming back is he'll find out I have cancer. After Harry left he'd always checked on me by asking my mum if was ok. Weird right?

He'd tell my mum the only reason why he bullied me was because he liked me an he thought everybody would make fun of him if he told everybody that he liked me.

Sometimes I wonder why he was a douche bag to me an his mum was nice to me. His mum is the opposite of him. She an my mum get along so well it's unbelievable.

Harry changed over the past years because I used to like him. We grew up together an were friends until he started to bully me.

I never really knew why he changed. It surprised me that he turned on me when I actually needed him the most.

My biggest fear is that he'll come back an bully me about me having cancer. I know that he's grown up an maybe matured. But you know what they say about bullies.

Once your a bully always a bully. That's what I think about Harry an I'll always have that image about him. Nothing will ever change that not even him.


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