Heroes Get Remembered


4. Chapter 4: I Love You

~Benny's POV~

I walked up to Stefanie's door, and knocked on it. I quickly fixed my black jacket and my shirt.

The door opened, and im assuming her father answered the door. The door opened and a man, in a suit, who must have just came home from work.

"Hello sir"

"Ah, It's Benny right? Heard lots about you, come on in" he opened the door wide open. Stefanie's parents where welcoming.

I smiled and stepped in. I looked around, and smiled at my surroundings, old pictures of Stefanie and a boy sat on the top of the counter.

I picked it up and ran my finger over Stefanie. "That was a long time ago, when her brother wasn't in university"

I smiled. I put down the picture. "It's a nice picture"

"Yeah, it is... Stefanie is still getting ready. Benny sit down, are my ears correct? That your the best baseball player in the Valley?"

I shrugged. "I guess, I mean.. People tell me that, but I can't believe that unless I prove myself, I mean.. Baseball is my life.. And so is a special person in my life."

Her dad chuckled. "Benny, your real sweet at heart. What do you wanna be when your older son?"

I smiled. "I wanna be a baseball player sir, I wanna be remembered"

"Benny, you will be remembered. Everyone will remember you.. And one day, Stefanie will have a special place for you in her heart... And I'm not just staying that. She came home today, in the best mood. She told me about you, and she said that you stole her heart"

I blushed. "Sir? I'm just wondering.. If Stefanie and I keep going strong, would you ever give me permission to.. Ever.. You know, Marry her?"

He smiled.

"Benny, I would you give you a definite yes, but your only thirteen, young love is challenging. Son, I bet all my money that you could never break her heart... And if you did, then no. I wouldn't give you permission, but I love my daughter, and making her happy is all that matters.

Benny, your a good kid. I can't tell from the heart. You and Stefanie hold a special treasure.. Baseball, and kid.. That's what will keep you bonding, she loves you, and you love her. Keep it that way.."

I heard footsteps come down a set of stairs. I didn't get to see her, cause a wall was covering the stairs.

Stefanie appeared around the wall, and gave me a smile. "Ah, conversing with my boyfriend I see" she said to her father as she walked to me. I stood up as grabbed her hand.

"Stefanie, you look amazing" I smiled.

Her dad smiled. "Sweetie, talking baseball champ.. See ya later, and son?"

I looked up. "Yes sir?"

"Have fun" he gave me a smile.

Stefanie kissed my cheek, and we walked to the door. "Bye dad, love you"

"Love you too Darlin"

We walked off to the cookout on the a street. My mom and Stefanie's where setting up tables.

"Ah! Stefanie! Come here" her mom called her. Stefanie sighed. "Ma!" She gestured to me. She smiled at me. I laughed as I brought her to the tables.

"You kids staying for the cookout?" We nodded. "Later we might head out" I said. My mom smiled. I smiled back.

~one hour later~

Stefanie and I stood in the middle of the street, slow dancing to "This Magic Moment" her favorite song.

She put her head against my chest. I rested my chin on her head.

"So what was my dad talking about?"

I smiled. "about my career" no lie.

She looked up at me. "Benny, we're thirteen... Let loose" she grabbed my hands and pulled me closer and kissed me passionately.

I kissed back, as fireworks exploded, music blasting down the street, I did not feel thirteen.

She pulled away. "Your birthday.. It's next week, right?"

"How did you know?"


I smiled. "When's yours?" I said as we swayed side to side.

"Next month" she whispered against my ear, softly humming the music. I closed my eyes, and embraced the moment.

"Hey, can I tell you something?"

She looked up. Her blue eyes pierced into mine. I smiled. "Stefanie Diane Scotf, I love you"

She kissed me good. "I love you too Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez"

When looking at this gorgeous girl, I fall in love all over again. When her song was finished, we decided we would head out of the area, and go to the Sandlot.

~Stefanie's POV~

The Sandlot was dark and quiet, it was perfect. Fireworks where still going off, and you could still hear Elvis Presley blaring from the streets.

Benny pulled me closer, as we watched the fireworks explode. "Wow.." I said as I rested my head on his chest. He held my face in his hands, and I looked up into those eyes.

The colours from the fireworks gave effect on our faces. Benny pulled me in, he kissed me with such force, he almost fell back.

I smiled in the kiss, and he did the same. I only let out a few moans, until... Until we heard clapping behind us.

Benny pulled away, with alert in his eyes. He turned around, and crossed his arms. "What Phillips?"

"Well, I don't think you deserve this babe, and you definatly need to be wearing one of these jackets"

Benny scoffed. I moved closer behind Benny. He grabbed my hand, and held it tight. "Rodriguez, you don't need to fancy that doll, seriously! Your off your baseball game man!" Philips said, messing with him.

I saw Benny ball his other fist. "She is no distraction Philips"

I kissed the back of his neck, and hid behind him. "Oh please! You've been off your game so much, your level is down dude"

I starting getting really pissed. I let go of Benny's hand, and walked out from behind "Stef no-"

"Oh! She is a beauty... Whatta ya know!"

"Shut up shit bag" I said, and punched him square in the jaw. He fell to he floor, wincing.

"You bitichin!" I said and spat on him.

His stupid friends started coming closer to us. "Shit, run!" Benny yelled. He grabbed onto my hand, and we ran for our lives. We kept running and running, until we got to my house.

I opened the back gate, and we ran in, locking it behind us.

I started crying. Benny pulled me to his chest. "Hey, it's okay. There gon-"

We heard banging on the gate door. "Unlock it you dork!"

I cried harder. "I don't want them to hurt you" I whispered. "They won't, the way you punched Philips... Damn it Stefanie! Your so hot" he said as he kissed under my jaw.

"Boys, need anything?" I heard a deep voice call from behind the gate.

I smirked. "My dad" I whispered.

"No sir- uh, Benny and Stefanie are in there"

"And why would you need them?"

Philips voice was shaken and scared. We tried not to laugh. "Well- uh"

"Just get outta here" then I heard Philips and his stupid gang run off. I unlocked the gate for my dad. I gave him a hug. "Thank you... They where harassing us at The Sandlot.."

He hugged me back and kissed my head. "It's okay now"

He pulled away. "Dad, can we be..."

"Alone? Sure..." He smirked as he walked out, shutting the gate behind him. I locked it, and walked back to Benny, who sat down on the grass with a sad look.

I sat down at fixed my skirt properly. "Benny, you okay?" I said as I put my hand behind his head, and played with his hair.

He looked at me. "I wish he never existed. God damn it, he ruins everything for me.. And I won't let him ruin us, okay?"

I smiled. "Okay" I said as I kissed him passionately. He put his hands on my bare waist, and pulled me down with him.

The soft grass tickled my legs as he kissed my softly now.

Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, is stunning.

We pulled away, and touched foreheads. We looked each other in the eyes. "I love you" we both said at the same time. He chuckled while I laughed. I got off of him, and we both stood up.

I wiped my skirt, and fixed my crop top. Benny licked his lips before speaking. "You are so beautiful, Stefanie, when I first laid eyes on you at The Sandlot... I couldn't get my mind off of you"

I smiled. "Do you know what I said to Martha that day?" I said.


"I said to her that I didn't come here to the Valley for boys. I came here for more baseball, and school. But boy was I wrong. When I turned the corner and saw you, I stopped dead in my tracks Benny, I felt like I took a baseball to the heart. It's ached for you.

You running for your life, making sure that you got to home base, and when you did, you look relieved, you looked so into the game. Benny you are my baseball player, and like I said.. We may be so young, but I love you"

I said as he kissed right beside his ear. I felt the him shiver. I smiled.

"Stefanie... I-"

I looked at him. "You don't need to say anything... You, and your actions and your lips, and the way you care says it all... Don't say anything" I said as I kissed him once more.

"Yeah but, wanna tell you how you make me feel, and how you changed my life. Stefanie, I love you.. I love your kisses, and I love your smile, and the way you get ready to hit the ball into the sky, and the way you run with determination, and the way you throw the ball, and the way you hold my hand... And the way you tell me you love me.

I have a feeling that in the future, your gonna be the one who I get to come home from work, kiss you, hold you, and eat dinner with you, love you, take care of a family with you, I love you Stefanie, your my everything"

He said as he caressed my cheek. I wiped my stray tear, and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

"I don't know how to top that" I said. Benny laughed. "No need to, that's what I love about you" he said as he grabbed my hand. We walked out of the backyard. I looked back at the backyard gate and smiled.

We confessed to each other, in my backyard.

Benny brought me to the street, where all the guys where dancing with girls, that they probably didn't know.

Squints was drooling over his girl, who was a bit taller then him.

And Squints was really small. Benny laughed. I laughed as I walked up to Martha and Kenny, with Benny. Benny put his hands on my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Martha and Kenny started taking with us as we danced. "See! I told you! And you said you didn't come here for boys" Martha said. All of us laughed.

I looked into Benny's eyes and referred to what I said earlier. "Well not anymore" I said as I big my lip.

Benny smiled. "Where were you guys anyways?" Kenny said.

Benny and I laughed. "Long story.."


Kenny pulled Martha closer to him. I smiled.

~one hour later~

The cookout was going on for hours, but we were getting tired. Benny walked my back to my house, holding my hand. Benny kissed me at my doorstep, with a passion. I smiled.

"Goodbye doll" he whispered in my ear.

I smiled.

"Goodbye" he kissed me.

"I'll see you at the Sandlot, 9:00 tomorrow"

I nodded.

"I love you"

"I love you too Benny" I smiled. He went across the street and into his house.

I went inside my house and up to my room.

I got ready for bed, and crawled under my covers.

Benny's words repeated in my head.

"I love you.. I love you.."

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