Heroes Get Remembered


1. Chapter 1: This Magic Moment

I laid on my bed, tossing the baseball up and catching it, doing this for at least forty five minutes.

I sighed. Boxes where still scattered everywhere. I moved here three days ago, and I met someone new.

Martha Timmons. I met Martha at Vincent's drug mart while i was getting some bread for my mom.

She told me about The Sandlot, and I've been dying to go there. I sat up on my bed, and picked up the phone. I untangled the cord and punched in the number that Martha gave me.

It rung a few tines. I pushed a long piece of hair away from my face. Finally someone picks up.


"Hi Martha, it's Stefanie from the conscience store"

"Oh hey Stefanie!! What's up?"

"Nothing much, just wondering, is it okay if you take me to that Sandlot, you where talking about?"

"Oh sure, no problem. I'll be at your house in a flash" then she hung up.

I changed into my denim jean shorts, and a baseball tee. I braided my long hair back and grabbed my baseball cap.

~a few minutes later~

I held my glove as me and Martha approached the fence.

I stopped. "Wait, what do you mean by the Sandlot is occupied. Didn't you say that this place was old or something?"

"Yes, I did.. It's just.. There's a group of boys who play here, like everyday. I'm friends with them, but I think you'll become fast friends with Benny"

I smirked. "Who's Benny?"

"Oh, Benny? Well, you'll see. He's.. He's gorgeous, but I got eyes on someone else" she gave me a wink.

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't come here for boys" I said as we turned the corner around the fence. "I came here for-" I stopped talking as my eyes landed on a tanned, tall boy, holding the bat at home base.

When the ball was thrown, you could hear a huge crack from the contact that the ball was made against the bat. He dropped the bat and ran for his life.

Martha was right. He was gorgeous. I stopped dead in my tracks. "You came here for that, right?" She said as she stood beside me.

I pushed her playfully. "Shut up" I walked off to the a dugout, that had shade. I sat under it, watching these group of guys play there game.

I noticed that the tanned boy, who I'm guessing is Benny, really enjoys the game. He looked so into it, and did I mention? He was amazing at baseball.

Martha say beside me. "Benny Rodriguez, best player here in the Valley. No one can beat this kid when it comes to games. He was just the best"

"And he still is" I muttered.

"Exactly. Now tell me, is he cute? Or is he not?"

I smiled, looking at my glove. "Kinda"

"Oh please, don't you 'kinda' me, he's cute and you know it"

"Who's cute?" A not to deep, but ah, a cute voice said.

My eyes looked up, and all I saw where black P.F Flyers. My eyes kept looking up, until I saw him. He stood in front of me, holding the bottom of his in buttoned jersey.

"Benny, how are you?" Martha saved my sorry butt.

"Good, you?"

"Fine. Just met this gal two days ago, Benny, this is Stefanie"

I stood up. "Stefanie, this is Benny" she nudged my side with her elbow.

I gave him a sincere smile. "Hello, I'm Stefanie, heard lots about you" I smirked to my side. Martha rolled her eyes.

Benny took out his hand as a gesture. I took it, and shook his hand. The other boys came running up behind them.

"Oh hey Martha" a chubby kid said. "Hey Ham"

"Who's this Darlin?"

"This is Stefanie, Stefanie, this is.."

~two minutes later~

Wen Martha finished introducing me to everyone, I wanted to play some ball.

"Let's go! I wanna play" I said. Ham laughed. "You? Baseball? Please! Wouldn't you break a nail?"

I laughed. "Yeah no. Chubster, I can play."

"No you can't"

"Guys, let her try. You did when I wanted to try! Plus, she's amazing!"

I smirked and walked to home base. I picked up the bat. Benny put on the catchers mask. And bent down behind me. I felt holes boring into my back.

He's watching me isn't he.

I gripped the bat, with excitement.

Kenny smirked. "You ready? Don't break a nail"

I rolled my eyes. "Kenny go! My clothes are getting way to outta style!! Squints yelled.

"They ready are!" Yeah-Yeah yelled back.

"Shut up!"

I laughed.

Kenny took position and pitched the ball with a ton of force. I hit the ball with a huge *CRACK* and off I went. I dropped the bat and ran to first, second and third without getting touched, because the boys where watching me.

I came back to home base, cheered and fell to the ground, smiling uncontrollably.

A few seconds later, everyone towered over me. Benny took off the mask and helped me up. I smiled.

"I really need to stop estimating girls!" Ham muttered under his breath. "You bet Ham" I said.

~hour later~

Benny left my doorstep and walked across the street. I smiled at him and waved. He wave back.

I walked through the doorway, and smiled as I sat agh the kitchen table.

"So, you guys together?"

"No Ma! He's a friend"

"What's his name?"

"Benny Rodriguez" I smiled.

She smirked.

I sighed. I'm Stefanie Scott and Baseball is my life.

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