return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


7. testimony

'' all rise.'' bailiff says and jude starts .'' were going to start off with a dear friend of colton steel. he stayts. "miss mckay.'' he says. a gothic looking girl with green eyes black dyed hair. and gothic make up and nails and jewlry. " state your name" he says "scottie nicole mckay. " she states. were where you on november 8 . i was walking in the door after school to check on colton." she says and what happend he argued with his parents i almost left but when i turned away a gun shot. she says and looks up trying not to cry. ok and what did you do miss mckay. i .. i.. ran to  him but it was too late. then she sobs coltons adopted mom goes to her trying to confort her.  then they dim litghts and a colorful bright full image of colton appears with his white light shinning around him. state your name the jude said. gereald was the interpiter he repeated what colton said. name is colton dean steel i say. gerald repets. why did you use the gun they ask. because i didnt want to live with the scotland family i wanted to live with my brittish family. yes but they raised you. he said why did you  want the britts not scottland. there my family the janes r my kiddnapers. i say murmers scatter the cort room.  but they took better care of you than your brittish family. no they didnt my family were the steels. scottie rises but colton if you never got kiddnaped we would never of met. scottie says. yes but .. i ..i scottie you might been my only friend but you over my family a sly chance i say. but i .. i.. love you colton. scottie blurts and sobs. i look down for several seconds. i look up at scottie scottie what we had was friendship... actually more than friendship i didnt know how to be more than a friend to yoyu . but she stutters . i try to imagine how scottie decided to change after i died she wasnt the same without me she would never be goth a devil worshiper she lost hope faith .. her loved one her heart only belonged too the one who caused her to become this.

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