return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


12. one year latter

i look and see scottie after trying to cauch up to her on my morning bike ride as she jogs listening to her i pod touch wich had a purple case with her name in silver glitter in cirsive scottie  like as side ways comming from the tip othe case to the bottom edgge scottie is so artistic no way i could do that. i tap her shoulder and pear down at her screen saver when she pulls over on sidewalk on downing street to change her music the picture on her screen saver i saw was me and her sitting in a valley when we were 8 she looks up at me oh hello colton she says i shake my head trying to concentrait scottie why did you save that picture of us for your i pod i ask ceriously she says trying to cover her blushing cheeks with her bangs i well er um then she mutters words i cant understand then i lift her chin up to me and raise a brow scottie i say searching calmly in her brown suddle eyes. i dont know she says. i thought it was the best.. well memory of us. but it was bad then i remeber that day and relize why she kept it i gently relese her skin and let out a happy grin. she does to. i told you every memory of us is the best ones she finnally says then i take her hands and pull her to me and kiss her lips she pulls away right when i try to go deeper in the kiss colton were in public she gently relises my hand and turns away shyly sorry i say its ok she says grabbing my hand and pulling me with her to her house my hands our full one clutching onto scottie and the other steadily pullin my bike along side me.we reach her bed room andshe says i got to change im a pig mess she laughs i cant help but say scottie your absuluty beautiful no matter what. she smiels  and blushes as she dissapers to the bathroom to change. i go to her mirror and reajust my hair hmmm i see im not the only one freshning up scottie says wrapping her ams around my waist whispering the words in my hair. i turn to look at her and say scottie its my job to be the charmer then we do what others think we wouldnt at the age of 15.

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