return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


13. mistake

iris laughs flipping her co co hair her sapphier eyes sparkling in the moon light me and scottie sit on the barn shelf watching everyones attention iris because today is iriss b day her 21 shes a jouniour in college scottie looks at me look at how everyone things shes speacial cus of her beuty and wanting to be a cosmitoligist. scottie says discussted with her sister. when i frist met iris i knew i couldnt fall in love with her she was way too old for me plus her sister scottie was the one i always loved and still do. scottie flips her curled hair off her neck because it started to get hot. scottie had a white lace poofy dress on with a purple bow in the back and black heels while iris had a rainbow see throw frilly top and a long black skirt that showed her knees down. why does my sister inst to be a slut and make me look like a bloody royal shit she says i laugh. oh scottie i do no what i would do without youi say and she lays her head on my shoulder i do no but all i no is i hate how they think shes the goddess of freaking scotland. scottie exclaims it seems all my family cares about is iris... not me its like im invisable to the world i mean nothing to everyone. scottie says her dyed blonde bangs fall over her hurt eyes she puts her elbows on her knees i wrap my arm around her neck and kiss her head. she glances at me with a smiel. you know how to cheer me up colton. she says. then we go inside upstairs to see  iris door open and a body on top of her we look and its patrick. me and scottie slink against the wall trying not to loose our balence we go to her room and talk in hushed whispers about what we saw i go out of the door to the bathroom i saw patrick come out of iris room he stares at me frozen how dare you sleep with the love of my life sister something wrong with you patrick.. i wail to him.


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