return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


10. love

scottie! macey scotties girl best friend runs to her whose the cute boy she asks trying to be flirty. me and scottie look at eachother scottie neversly brushes her blonde bangs back. before scottie speaks i say macey its me ... colton. colton? she says confused trying to remeber me macey hes the boy from brittan my.. um she scrambles for the right words then macey blurts the dead boy. scottie slaps her hand agains her forehead and i back away scottie glaces over her shoulder to me grabs my wrist nods then pulls me back to her side and squeezes my hand tight.  i say yes but im not dead any more . im welll alive in a way. scottie glances at me nervously. well youre a murderer a dead saint! macey blurts then contenues her out burst scottie releses my hand and pushes macey against a locker and starts brusting with words of rage in scotish. i shift side to side nervously watching then scottie releses macey and lets her scramble away. scottie fearcefully turns to me. and we walk down the empty hallway. scottie i manige to say. yes she says why did you do that for me. she pushes her blond dyed bangs out of her eyes and looks at me with her gleaming brown eyes. scottie and i get out of school and walk past the alley we first met. remebering the small chessnut haired boy dried tears and grungy batterd t shirt and ripped blue jeans. i remeber hearing her voice starteld but safe her asking me why i looked abanded beaten but i wasnt i ran away... i told her what happend the beautiful coper haired girl with brown determind eyes  and a cute smiel. the girl i fell in love with her cute white t and calico cat with a glitery tiara on her shirt and her white silk mini shirt with purple bows on each side and a matching purple bow with white poca dots in her beautiful shoulder leighnth coper hair.

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