return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


5. cps

 cps knocked on our door and they took me away.  i couldnt beleve it. i really didnt.  i eventually went to my scotland family. and everyting. i argued with my scotland family scottie came through the door i saw her try to leave it was worthless to get her to stay for me to stay... i went and got a gun and shot my self in my i fell to the ground i heard crys and sobs scotties screech for me not to die. wen i lay on floor dead i watched scottie trying to receve my life but it was useless. her coper hair and brown  eyes filled with water tears. i caused. she kissed my fore head and left her purple hoodie i loved on her on my corspe. my cold heartless corpse.

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