return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


9. change

scottie i say she looks up at me and smiels and me and scottie kiss. scottie holds my hand and i look at my edges and see no glow scottie looks at me omg colton your normal. your not glowing you dont hurt my eyes you feel human. scottie hugs me and next thing i know im in school my brittish family moves to scottland so i can be with scottie. scottie hugs me and then on cover of magizens brittish boy colton steel lost, goust, human? i smiel at it how ignorant they are  of there lies and stuff social media for you  though. i probably changed because i got loved. scottie smiels and says youve been loved. yes but not like you love me i say ya i guess she says and scruffs her foot in gravel. colton now youre human again how do you wish to live your she says loooking at me her beautiful brown eyes shimmering. i have already started scottie how she asks well you mum dad gereald friends its all turned out good. i say and smiel at her. she smiels back and kisses my cheek/. 

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