My Mate Killed My Mum

What can I say my mate killed my mum.

Blond hair long and thick that ended in curls. Blue deep sea eyes that were more majestic then the sky. Tall artistic and kind hearted that is Heaven.

Tall tanned and fit with abs. Next in line to be alpha. Strong smartcard bad boy sexy that is Zander.

What happens when they cross paths and Heavens mum is Zander next target.


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POV Zander

It was 12:08 according to my phone. I was outside of my next target's house. If I completed this mission I would become Alpha. Its hard to explain but our pack works differently to other packs were called The Elite Sky.

We are different in the way of choosing next Alpha and the way we train, rule and lead. I am the Alpha's adopted son as his Luna was dead and no children or family left he had adopted me to take over the pack.

To become Alpha myself, I must compete 23 mission the last mission was chosen by my Father himself. I have to kill Jane Stone and bring her daughter back.

POV Heaven

"Why mum?" I screamed at mum as I questioned her sanity.

"Because what if you got hurt" she yelled right back. We been yelling for nearly two hours about a party tomorrow night. I'm kind of surprised that no one had called the police to report a murder.

"I hate you! Its just a fucken party!" I screamed, hurt flashed across her faces before disappearing just as fast.

"Watch you're fucking language young-" she was cut off with a bullet through her head.

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