Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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19. Chapter 19||

A/N: I've decided to add the last chapter, so one more chapter after this! The very last chapter! Sad to end it though :( deciding if I should publish it the same day as this one, or if I should publish it tomorrow...

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 ~Meghan's Pov~

"Niall?" I whisper to myself.

"Get out of here pretty boy! This is none of your business!" Jesse lets go of me facing Niall.

"This is my business! You're controlling her like a freakin' doll! She deserves none of this!"

"I said get out of here!" Jesse shouts.

"Jesse, back away from her." I wipe my tears away to see Simon beside Niall. Red and blue lights flashed behind them.

"Back away from the girl." A tall man steps in front of Simon and Niall holding a gun up to Jesse. Jesse slowly raises his hands in the air staring at the cop. He backs away from me as the policeman started walking forward. The man helps me up with the gun still pointing at Jesse.

I run over to Niall as he wrapped his arms around me. I cry hard into his chest. My knees become weak making me fall to the floor. Niall falls down with me, with his arms still around me.

"It's okay Meghan. It's okay. I'm here." I feel him run his fingers through my hair.

"Jesse Nelson, you are under arrest for physical abuse and for many, many other things."

"Other things? What does he mean by that?" Niall looks down at me.

"I don't even know," I whisper back to him, continuing to wipe the tears falling down my face.

"I said go!" The man yells at Jesse. Jesse looks down at me giving me a death glare.

"Meghan, let's forget about dinner with the others. We need to take you to the hospital." He props me back up on my feet, helping me out of the house.

"Here, call Lucas." I give him my phone. He hands it over to Simon, who call Lucas.

"Hello, Lucas, this is Simon. I'm sorry to say, but we have to cancel plans. We're on our way to take Meghan to the hospital." I could hear Lucas shout into the phone. "She's looks alright, but we want to make sure she wasn't injured badly where we can't see...yes, please tell the others that we've cancelled and come on over to the hospital-"

As we all were in the car, Simon takes off to the hospital. I feel Niall's grip on me tighten. I rest my head on his shoulder looking straight ahead. The ride remained silent besides from Simon on the phone with Lucas still. We arrive at the hospital to see nurses talking to each other.

"Niall?" He looks down at me weakly smiling.



"Why what?" He asks confused.

"Why are you still here? You never had to be friends with me from the beginning." I cough.

"I chose to be friends with you."

"Why?" He looks at me for a while staying quiet.


"Meghan Burry, right?" A nurse walks up to us.

"Yes? Uh, how do you know-"

"We need to take you in for tests." She pulls me up on my feet.

"What Why? And for what?" I stop.

"Dear, you don't know?"

"Don't know what?" I ask.

"What's this about?" Niall interrupts.

"Oh dear." Her faces softens as she wraps her arms around me. "The last time you went to the doctor and took blood out, they found symptoms of leukemia."

My jaw drops open in shock. I-I had symptoms of leukemia? But how? None of my family generations have had it before. This has to be a mistake.

"No, there must be a mistake. None of my family members have traits of leukemia or any type of cancer." My eyes start to water up.

"We're not sure of it honey, but we want to treat you if it is. You don't want it to get worse, do you?" I shake my head. "I'll get the doctor as soon as possible. Sir, I'm sorry but she would have to come alone, unless you're family related."

"I'll be here Meghan. I'm not going anywhere." He gives me a thumbs up. The nurse pushes me along down the hall to a room.

"Alright, just have a seat and I'll go get her." I nod taking a seat on a chair.

This was killing me. Finding out that I might have the symptoms of leukemia. It just couldn't process in my head. I couldn't get it. I was taking care of myself very well for the past years. I only got sick three times in the past year, but that was it.

"Meghan Burry?" I look up to see the doctor poke her head in.

"Yes that's me." She walks in with a folder in her hand closing the door behind her.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Kelly." I shake her hand as she sits across from me. "If you don't mind, I'd like to ask some questions about your health."

"Uh, sure."

"Have you had a fever, the chills, and/or flu-like symptoms in the past three months?"

"I had a fever and the chills about three months ago."

"Have you been feeling weak? Loss of appetite or weight? How about easy bleeding or brushing?"

"I was feeling weak before I came here. I have loss weight, but I go to the gym a lot. I haven't lost my appetite or haven't had easy bleeding or brusing."

"Mhm." She jots down my answers to her questions.

"So do I have leukemia?" I bite my lip.

"Meghan, it's not that easy to answer. We have to runs some tests for you."


"So do I?" I ask Doctor Kelly.

"I'm afraid you'll have to wait a week. The results don't come till another seven days."

My heart drops. Seven days?! I couldn't wait that long! I need to know now! There was no time to wait and see.

"Let's make an appointment for you to come back next week when they arrive, okay?" We walk out to the front desk making an appointment.

"So is everything okay?" I feel arms wrap around my waist. I turn my head to see Niall looking down at me.

"Meghan is going to have to comeback in a week to get her results." She hands me a slip with writing written on it. "I suggest that you have rest for the week. Try not to work so much this week at least. I'll see you in a week, okay?" I weakly smile at her as she walks away.

This was horrible. My career could come crashing down if I do have leukemia. Nothing would ever be the same.

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