Life at the Dursleys

What happened during all those years Harry lived with the Dursleys? How did Harry deal with his abusive family members? This is the story of Harry's life growing up at the Dursleys.


3. The Dudley Issue

     As the weeks went by the Dursleys had given up objecting to Harry remaining at Privet Drive, Harry was constantly poked, pinched, and prodded by his cousin Dudley with no escape.

   A few years go by an Harry is moved from sleeping on a mat in Dudley's room to the cupboard under the stairs.

Harry Potter wakes up on his sixth birthday to a six year old Dudley jumping on the stairs.

"WAKE UP!" He yells with a continued jumping.

   Harry sat up sleepily and opened the door of the tiny cupboard, as he stood up to get out Dudley, who had already ran down the stairs pushed Harry back in. This was Dudley's favourite game that he had been doing for the past year, Harry hit his head in the back wall of his cupboard and rubbed it lightly as he sat on the mattress that had become his bed when he was three.

   Harry knew better than to cry, this was true for any injury he received. By the time Harry was three his crying was only responded to by sneers and glares and if he didn't stop when ignored, Mr. Dursley would violently throw Harry in the cupboard and lock him in there until the next morning. That is how the cupboard under the stairs became his bedroom in the first place, beforehand the Dursleys grudgingly allowed him to sleep on a mattress in the Living Room.

   Harry got In trouble for anything that went wrong, some of which weren't even Harry's fault. Odd things seemed to happen around him and the Dursleys seemed to blame it on Harry. For example, the time Harry had enough of being pushed around by Dudley, he tried to push back his cousin. This had no effect as Dudley was at least twice as large as Harry, so he yelled at Dudley to stop, Harry was filled with anger and despair when his clueless cousin was sent back into the wall with such force that even to this day a dent of where Dudley impacted the wall could be seen. This had earned Harry a week in his cupboard where Petunia would give him small amount of food three times a day. At times like these Dudley enjoyed sitting next to the cupboard door while taunting Harry.

  Harry stood up and tried to leave the cupboard quickly as if not to give Dudley another chance to shove him. As he entered the kitchen nobody made any effort to acknowledge that he was even in the room. Harry sat at the only chair left unoccupied beside Dudley and helped himself to what was left of breakfast. Dudley kept looking over to Harry and snickered every few minutes, when Harry finished and began to make way back to his cupboard Dudley grabbed his arm and looked at Harry with a devilish smile and in a low voice said "I know what day it is" Dudley grinned at Harry as he burst into a fit of laughter. 

     Harry wanted to suppress the urge to say anything seeing as the Dursleys were so near but  instead he pulled his arm out of Dudley grasp and said "Do you?"

"Yeah" Dudley grinned  "It's your birthday!"

"Good for you" said Harry simply as he turned to leave the room once more only to be thwarted by his aunt Petunia,,

"Boy" said his aunts voice

  Harry turned and said as politely as he could "Yes Aunt Petunia?" even though Harry was six years old he had already figured out how to avoid trouble as much as he could.

"We're  going out" snapped Petunia "Get dressed we're taking you to Mrs. Figg"

Harry groaned 

"What was that boy?" Vernon said with warning in his voice over the newspaper he was pretending to read.

"Nothing" Harry mumbled 

  Vernon peered at Harry over his newspaper with his beady eyes "and comb your hair!" he barked at him


   Several minutes later Harry came through the kitchen door wearing Dudley's way too large clothes as he attempted to flatten down his hair unsuccessfully.

"Boy needs a haircut" Harry heard Vernon mumble as the Dursleys stood by the front door ready to leave.
 Dudley took up most of the back seats on his own so Harry had to sit rather uncomfortably during the short car ride down the street.

  A few minutes later Mrs.Dursley knocked on Mrs.Figg's door quickly and sharply her hand gripping Harry's shoulder.The door swung open and Harry was greeted by a short old women with grizzly grey hair poking through a lilac hairnet. "Hello Harry dear," Mrs.Figg said kindly. Petunia wasted no time pushing Harry towards the entrance and making way towards the car "We'll be back in the evening" she said sharply barley glancing back at Harry.







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