Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


3. third year: it all began with a book. pt 2

once again they laugh for a second and then harry felt a sudden burst of braverly and put one hand on the middle of Drella's back and one pushed the hair away from her face.

Harry started to sit up,  but not letting go of Drella. now he was sat on the grass with Drella sat on his lap with both hand wraped around her waist and hers around his neck.

"can i have my book back now Drella?" he asked

"oh yeah, i forgot about that". she reached over and grabed the book. Harry put it behind him. then something came to mind.

"why did you take it?" Drella looked embaraced.

"well... well... because i was looking at you and i couldnt look away, your eyes just locked me in place and then i started to panic and once you asked me if i was ok and used my first name i freaked out and needed to do something to distract you, i saw your book and took a chance." this all came out rather fast but now harry didnt care about his book anymore, there was one part of that speech that he hung onto.

"wait... what about my eyes??" he said with Drellas usual smirk.

"oh that yeah i kinda well... you know." she was blushing i a way that harry though made her look so cute. she buried her head inbetween his sholder and neck.

"no i dont think i do know" harry said teasing her.

"oh forgoodness sakes Potter, look at the way we are sat" she said putting her head up.

"oh well i still dont get it..." he was cut off very quickly by two thin girly lips pressing themself on his. there he was kissing Drella Malfoy in the grounds where anybody could see them but he didnt care at the moment because one of her hand had moved from his neck to his hair. when harry reached for air, he cought Drellas eye and she looked at him and picked up his hands and pulled him up so they were standing, she was still up to Harrys nose. 

"i just wanted you to say it, but the kiss workes too." he laughed tured around. ron and hermionie were looking for him and were about to find him. with out thinking he gradded Drellas hand and ran and fast and as far as he cound away from them. he found a small ally way between two outside walls and they hid in there. it wa a tight fit so even pushed up against the walls they still touched.

"harry?" Drella asked

"yeah?" harry said still holding her hands

" do u like me?" she asked. harry didnt say anything ,he just bent down and gave her another long kiss.

"so what are we gonna do?" harry said poping his head out of the ally.

"well if their gone we can just walk out" Drella answered looking out too.

"no... not about that... i mean about us??" Harry said looking unsure.

"oh well... are we... dating now?" she asked.

"i dont know, do you want to be?" Harry asked, sounding braver now. Drella said nothing, just nodded her head and rested it on his chest.



(sorry for any spelling or grammor mistakes. i dont have spell check)


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