Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


2. third year: it all began with a book. pt 1

"oh look, saint potter late to class. AGAIN!!" Drella Laughed at him along with her two friends chiara and georgia.

"why are we late again, potter?" asked proffessor Snape.

"sorry sir, I slept in sir." harry said.

"well dont... let it happen again"

" and again and again and again" Drella joked with chiara and georgia

harry shot her a look that said 'shut the fuck up Malfoy.'

and she shot a look back that said 'ohh I'm so scared' and then burst in to laughter.

then that was it, the hole class Drella was set on tortering Harry. she threw paper balles at him with mean things on them, she broke one of his chair legs. and even got him thrown out of class for yelling at a "poor defenceless girl"

when class was over, Harry waited for Drella, 100% certain that his crush was gone. she was last out because she was getting extra notes from Snape, when she can out harry pulled at her arm and yanked her round a corner where no one could see them. 

"what is your problem, Potter" she yelled smoothing out her sleeve.

harry was shocked "my problem?! MY problem!?!" oh my goodness this girl was infuriating."your the one that wants to ruin my life"

once again she just laughed. but them stopped and just stared at harry. "what are you looking at Malfoy?" ::wait... what am i looking at? not harry. no way, wait... am i? i am, im looking right into harry potters amazing green eyes and their looking right back at me. what do i do?:: this thought was panicing her and harry noticed this

"Drella are you ok??" Harry ask genuenly conserned. and no his crush was defiatly not gone.

::shit:: she thought :think Drella think. hes holding a note book. ok. ok grab it and run. ok 1..2..3..:: and with that she grabed the not book and ran. in an insant harry was after her. they pasted thr great hall where avarone else was having dinner so they were the only ones there when Drella ran outside.

"give it here, Malfoy. HEY!!! get back here." harry eventualy cought up to her and grabbed on to her robes and as he did Drella tripped over a rock that sent them both falling over eachother rolling dawn a hill laughing.when they reached harry was on top of her and as she began to try and run away with his book again he grabbed her wrists and pushed her down again. 

"hey not fair!!" she laughed "your a lot stronger than me!!" she said laughing and smiling. it was the first time harry had seen her smile.

"wow, i never thought i would hear Drella Malfoy admit something like that."

::Oh Merlin:: she thought ::first name:: "i normaly HATE my name, but i like it when you say it, Potter.

oh shit. did i say that out loud" she blushed and started to lightly hit the back of her head on the grass. harry slowly let go of her right hand and put his hand under her head, and she stoped and just rested her head in his hand. then it hit her, Harry potter was almost lying on top of her in the ground where anyone could come and see them.

"um... Harry" she coffed "your still lying on me" she said but she didnt move.

"so i am, sorry i didnt notice" and as he started to get up she lepped up pushed harry on his back and put him in the same position he put her in.

"what are you doing??" he sais, starteled.

"i couldnt have people thinking im week now could I?" she said, but she really was weeker then harry because she couldnt hold the 'push-up' position that harry did and floped on to him. once again they laugh for a second and then harry felt a sudden burst of braverly and put one hand on the middle of Drella's back and one pushed the hair away from her face.




(ps sorry for spelling and or grammor mistakes. i dont have spell check)



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