Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


5. Third year: Harrys dating who?

"so wheres this 'girl' of yours" ron said sarcasticly.

"what?!" hermionie said. "harry has a girl friend?"

harry was smiling like an idiot, because thats what happened when he thought of Drella.

"who is it harry. c'mon tell me tell me." hermionie jumped in front of harry so he couldn't carry on walking. Drella was on the other side of the coridoor, lauging at him, she saw him smile and smiled back and turned away. 

"you'll have to guess or wait and see." harry said taking a small step back.

" ok ok, is it ginny?"





"hermionie your never gonna get it" Harry said corssing his arms.

"you dont really have a girlfriend do you?" ron said, digging his elbow in harrys ribs.

"what?? yes i do!!" he cryed. he saw Drella laugh and knew she heard that and knew what they were talking about.

"fine prove it." harry look confused "go up to her now and kiss her"

"what? now?"

"told you, you don't have a girlfriend."

"fine, fine"

Harry started to walk up to Drella, but Cho was in front of her so at the moment just before harry walked past her they thought it was cho

"i knew it was cho" hermionie said

"wait, no hes walked past cho. wheres he going?"

when he reached Drella, he grabed her hand, spun her round and, in front of all her friends and his friends, kissed her. not a long snog like they did alone because they were in public, it was just a simple 'hello kiss' (lasted about 3 seconds)

"what was that for?" she asked

"well for one your my girlfriend and im aloud to do that, and second ron didnt believe i had a girlfriend"

"like i said 'your an idiot'" she said and gave him a hug "I'll see you at second period okay?

"okay, love you" he kissed her forhead before he walked up to ron and said

"proved!!" and with out saying another word walked into the great hall.

"harry??!!, HARRY??!!!" hermionie yelled. "your dating malfoy??"

"yes" harry said like it wasnt a big deal.

"what, i dont understand??" Ron said sitting next to Hermionie.

"we like each other, whats there to understand besides that." that was really all harry could say, he knew that it would be a shock, but he really didnt see the problem. its not like Malfoy has ever tryed to kill anyone." harry gave a laugh and tucked into his food.


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