Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


1. First year: The meeting.

As Harry walked up to the great stone steps he suddenly felt even more scared than he did before. Ron was next to him  and he looked so scared he was pale, which made him look odd under that ginger mop of hair he had.  Hermionie looked fine as nerves go, but Harry could see her hand shaking. They where led up to a very large door and through the long old corridors to a not-so-large door and stoped. They were at the top of the stairs. Miss McGonagall, the woman that was leading them, left to get somthing that the kids knew not of.

"so, the rumors are true then?" a small looking girl walk in front of Harry with a smerk that he found to be quite pretty, in a way.

"depends on what that rumor is..." harry said.

"that Harry potter, the boy who lived, has come to hogwarts" she said, putting her hands on her hips.

"oh.. that. yeah i guess i have haven't I?"

" oh and who do we have here, i would say your a weesly. egh" she flicked her hair and Ron just looked at her in anger, but harry was mezmormized, although he didnt seem to like this girl very much, she was beautiful, for an eleven year old, that is. she had long, almost white, hair. she was thin but not that tall, she seemed to come up to harrys nose. she was wearing a green head band that was pushing her hair back off her face. she has a slender nose and her eyes were grey, sliver almost and her mouth was small and thin, but had a lot of colour.

"yeah, well who are you exactly?" harry asked.

"Malfoy, Drella Malfoy." she answered, flicking her hair again. harry got the impresion that she did that a lot. ron laughed a little.

"think my names funny do you?" she said angered.

"yeah, kinda." ron said.

she just scoffed, flicked her hair, again... and walked off.

"wow" said harry "she was b..."

" a bloody nightmare? yeah i know" Ron interuped.

Then miss McGonagall reterned and led them through the door. There they were in the great hall.

As far as houses go, Harry, Ron and Hermionie were all in Griffindor. They did pay much atention untill Drellas name was called.

"SLYTHERIN!!!!!" yelled the sorting hat.

"no suprise there then" Hermionie said with a scoff.

Harry cleared his throught... "um... yeah." he said still staring at Drella.

"harry... what are you looking at?" Hermionie asked.

um... nothing. oh look food" he said changing the subject. but he couldnt eat. surly he didnt have a crush on Drella? She was mean and rude and crule to others and... and...

::oh i dont know. anyway if i do it will go away. it always dose:: he thought to himself.

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