Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


6. fifth year: Dumbledoors Army

no one had really gottern used to harry and drella yet, even though it has been two years.

"drella, are you sure you want to come?" harry asked

"yes, Umbridge is useless, i dont care if ill be the only slytherin there, i want to learn and i love you and want to support you in things you care about." she yelled. Although Drella was calm and harry really did bring out the best in her, she was still a Malfoy, and Malfoys werent nice to people that didnt desurve it. she loved harry really, but he didnt half get on her nerves at times. they were in her room with as many protection charms on the room as possible, including, locking the doors and sound. she ran her fingers through his hair. she sighed

"why did you cut your hair, baby?" he asked almost willing it to grow back.

"you liked that flop of mess?" harry asked wrapping his arms around her waist, bring her closer to him.

"mhhm" she nodded gripping his hair tighter as he reached down to kiss her, slow and soft at first, but Drella was NOT in the mood for slow and soft. She wraped her whole arm around his neck and stood on tip toes, harry grew a lot over summer, but Drella did little to no growing at all.
Anyway, Drella was not in a slow and soft kind of mood, so she started to kiss him slightly quicker, after some rough kisses she ever so lightly bit his bottom lip, as she pulled her arms down his neck and over his chest, harry let a little moan in her mouth and he laughed, then started to walk towards the bed, when she felt the bed she jumped and wrapped her legs around harrys waist. but as she was thrown on the bed there was a baging on the door.

"Drella, Drella? its Georgia, are you coming to dinner or what?" her answer was or what, but she had no way of telling her that with out letting her find out that harry was there, so she said nothing, untill she was gone.

"i have to go harry" she said smiling. she walked over to the door, but stopped by two hands on her sholders. she turned.

"oh please dont go." harry was doing that thing where he went all cute and babyish, oh what was a girl to do? "just 5 more minutes" his hands were traveling from her sholders to her waist. the next thing she new she was on her bed kissing her amazing boyfriend.


5 minutes later they were both walking down to the great hall laughing and joking. it was a normal walk around hogwarts. people would look at them like they were freaks, Drella would get angry and harry would let go of her hand and wrap it around his sholder and pull her away from a fight.

harry sat down at the Griffindor table next to ron.

"so what the deal with this new class then. where and when are we gonna meet?" ron asked

"room of requrierment i thought. its good because no one can get in unless they want to be apart of it.and it dosen't show up on the map" harry replied. so that was it every day they were to meet in the room of requirment, and yes, Drella was to be the only slytherin there, and no, i didnt go down too well at first.

"what SHE doing here?" some would say

others would reply with "thats harry girlfriend"

they did just ignore this though, just let them talk, it will die down soon enough.

working in DA Drella started to like the Griffindor's. Her and Hermionie got on really well, it turned out that Drella was almost and smart and her, and loved talking about new things they were reading and learing. Drella and Ron found friendship through Quidditch and food. Drella had traveled when she was younger and new all kinds of different foods that she said Ron would love. But the best friend she made was Luna. She was amazed with all the things Luna said she knew about. All the little things, like Nargles. So DA was going really well, Umbridge was looking for them, but  that wasn't going so well untill about two months, there was a banging on the wall of thr room of requirment suddenly the wall was down and Umbridge was looking through the hole in the wall.

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