The Other Gilbert Girl


4. Stop Being Such A Flip Flop!

Uh, I'm starting to wish I never said anything about Kitty Kat. If only wishes came true (insert evil smile and evil laugh)

You know what? I've had enough of this shiz!


"What the hell does it mean when you called us a flip flop?" Ty Ty asked.

"I DON'T HAVE A CLUE!" I shouted again, it was almost like I couldn't stop shouting.

"Can you stop shouting now, love?" asked the Kitty Kat hater.

"Yeah, I just prefer to shout, it's sorta fun."

"So, may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" he was more polite than I thought he was gonna be, I'll give him that.

"Ummmmmm, I'm not really sure, you do hate Kitty Kat, so that sorta puts you on my bad list, BUT since you asked so nicely, yes, yes you can." I told him, "Christy Isobel Pierce Gilbert."

"You go by the name 'Pierce'?" they asked in sync.

"Yeah, Ty Ty, I have always gone by the name 'Pierce' but you always jumped to the conclusion that I went by Gilbert."

"Oh, BURN!" said another posh English accent, except this one was female.

"Rebekah, how long have you been there?" polite Kitty Kat hater asked.

"Long enough to see that Elena is here and that she actually goes by 'Pierce'" and there goes the chance of us being BFF's. I'm quite disappointed.

"MY NAME IS NOT ELENA!" I shouted saying each word slowly.

"Calm down Christy, another person you don't want to get mad," Ty Ty said quietly.

"Ohh, another Kitty Kat hater," I said.

"Who the hell is Kitty Kat?" Rebekah the Kitty Kat hater number two asked.

"Ask your big bro, I've had to explain who the hell "Kitty Kat" is in the past day and a half," I told her pouting at the end.

She just looked at me like I was "cray cray"

"You aren't the first one to look at me like that. Oh and look at the time! I need to be messing with my sister! Bye bye!"

And with that I was gone!


So, Elena is sat next to a serious hot try when I walk in.

Why does she always get the hotty? I find it slightly upsetting. I still haven't had my first kiss yet. Sad, right?

But once he turns around I realise that that was Stefan Salvatore!

"Hey womby, how's life been treating you, from what I can see, I would say that it was treating you pretty well," I said winking at Stefan at the end.

What can I say, I enjoy to mess with people sometimes, and messing with my womby in the progress is even better.

It was then that a hand was around my throat trying to strangle me!

THAT LITTLE, that was when I blacked out, feeling a weird sense of déjàvo.

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